Combined Diet for Dogs

A combined diet usually means combining dry food and fresh food into your dog's daily diet, but in this article we will also go into what it means to combine dry food and wet food.

Combine fresh food and dry food

Sometimes a diet consisting only of fresh food can feel awkward and difficult to follow as it requires a lot of calculation from mat or master. Then the 50/50 model with fresh food can be an alternative, which means that half the dog's diet consists of fresh food and the other half consists of a complete dry food. For this feeding model fits a fresh feed that is bone-free, for example Dr Marty Propower Plus . Calcium would get the dog into bone via a diet with only fresh food, it now gets the dog through a complete dry food. The dry food and fresh food can advantageously be served at the same meal.

Combine wet food and dry food

A high quality dry food contains all the nutrients your friend needs. Many dry foods contain nutrients that promote joint health, digestion or skin. Why should one combine dry fodder with wet food, for example? Well, combining dry food with a high quality wet food for your doggie has several advantages:

  • High-quality wet food usually has a high meat content and is therefore excellent for dogs that have a digestive digestion.
  • Meat-rich wet food is a more low-calorie alternative and is also suitable for finer sausages! 
  • During the summer wet food is good to give to your dog for it to absorb fluid through the food as well.

Did you know that…

Wet fodder is a good alternative to give to your dog when you are traveling, it is easier to feed and carry with you.

Combined diet for puppies

A puppy can also be fed with a combined diet, either with fresh food and dry food or wet food and dry food. Having dry food as part of the puppy's diet is good as dry feed pellets can be used as a reward for puppy training or served in an activation toy . It may be good to keep in mind that a combined diet requires some calculation for the growing puppy. To be sure your puppy is getting enough calcium and other important nutrients, it may be good to supplement with supplements

Whole or supplemental feed

According to the law, it must be stated on feed packages whether the feed is a complete feed or a supplementary feed. Whole feed as such meets the daily needs of the dog, while supplemental feed does not contain all the nutrients the dog needs and therefore must be served in combination with, for example, dry food.

Changing your dog's diet

Adding wet food, fresh food or dry food to your dog's diet often goes smoothly if the new food is added step by step.