How to use Google maps to boost the SEO of your business

Google maps? SEO? Isn’t it a crazy notion but truth to be told, Google maps is one of the key performance indicators for SEO and yes, it’s very profitable if you know how to manage it right and simple? We have been prowling across the seamless web to carefully compose and condense you the genuine ways to rank higher in local Google maps where your established businesses are in.

There has never been an easy way, but experts have been advising on putting main keywords in the Google Maps Business (GMB) name because it will provide a relatively large ranking factor and for a possible added benefit. It does sound spammy and grey hat, so be careful in properly using the new keywords.

Another key dimension of SEO typically comprises of building niche and local relevance through on-page and off-page optimizations. You can achieve this by listing your business in associations where you want to build citations or engage in using of directories by getting indexed by linking out to those directories from your site. Always remember using Google mobile-friendly testing tools or sending them to an indexing service. 

In a way, next you have to make sure that your on-page is certainly mobiles friendly and the speed is relatively fast. Remember, mobile remain the operative word and it the UI/UX designs typically have to be naturally mobile friendly and contains fast load speeds. The emphasis is on the content on the landing page attached to the Google Maps listing should be authoritative with a minimum 1 k words and geotagged images with LSI versions of the keywords properly placed throughout the page multiple times. Make sure to add minimum one outbound link to an authoritative website with internal links reflecting exact matching or phrase matching anchor text that you wish to rank. 

At this stage, you are at present partially to achieve what you set to do. So, please do pay attention to include the same NAP(Name, Address, Phone) information that is on your GM (Google Maps) page along with the proper schema markup with an embed GM and implemented correctly. If you are in doubt, please use the Google carefully structured data testing tool and try avoiding keyword cannibalization.
Furthermore, make sure you get social signals which are essentially site shares, likes and overall social media appearance. You can work on it or actually can buy services for social signals that also might results in potential leads. Simultaneously, you have to work on getting more reviews on Google maps. User behavior and click through rates are enormous factors that Google take into account for ranking.

Also possibly try getting a press release written by you on ‘How to Improve Your Google Maps Ranking” which will provide a high quality back links for your business. Whatever you do, you naturally have to properly understand that all strategies take time. Make sure you take your time in basic foundational link building like citations, social profiles, video submissions and etc. Do always remember to give high quality content and power it up with social signals. Find Your best Seo Company Dubai.