Best Online Technology Tools for Every Student to Use in College


          In the past few years, technology got into virtually everything. From finance, with the so-prevalent FinTech, to medicine, with the famous MedTech. Technology also got into education and this is how the term EdTech appeared in our lives.                   

          Lots of edtech companies popped-up. They’ve come up with daring ideas and useful tools for nowadays scholars. Today, we’re going to focus our attention towards students. Here are a few tools every student should use.


1.  Nearpod

            Imagine this, your teacher is having a presentation. You are in a big amphitheater, very far from your teacher, and the presentation board. You can’t pay attention to the presentation and, in your head, the information is a mess.

These days are long gone! With Nearpod, you can connect your device to your teacher’s and bring those charts and pies right next to you. Basically, every student can have his very own presentation. This way, the students won’t lose valuable information.

2.  Slack

            This software can be used in two ways. First, it will help you improve your collaboration with your colleagues. Basically, if you are on holiday, in Spain, and you want to keep to that short deadline, you can set up an online meeting with your colleagues and finish the assignment you have.

            Also, the fun part about this software is that you will never miss a party. Why? Because you will see everything your colleagues talk about and plan. Your group will be better connected and friendships will flourish.

3.  Peergrade

            Peergrade is great for teachers and students, alike. It’s great for teachers because they can evaluate their students live. The teacher won’t have to wait until the deadline to correct their students’ assignments. This way, the finished product will be of higher quality.

4.  EssayGeeks

            This is one of the best tools out there. The first tools were all about improving collaboration, presentations, and the evaluation process. This tool is totally different. It can be used in multiple instances. For example, if you have to finish an assignment you know little about, they can help you with the research. You will get plenty of information about your subject thus, you will have a firm starting point.

            Secondly, while creating your assignment, you can get help in editing and improving the quality of your content. They can restructure your composition and make it more appealing. Last but, not least, your final project or dissertation will need professional reviews.

5.  Class Dojo

For the students to be more attentive, the classes need to be informative but, also, fun. This is what Class Dojo does. The teachers can create very attractive content for their students, graphs, pies, videos, which will make the learning process a lot easier.

            Also, for better engagement, teachers can turn the classes into a real competition and reward the most active students they have. By completing different tasks, students will improve their rankings.


6.  Trello

            Usually, students don’t have one assignment alone. They have three or more and this might overwhelm them. Trello is the perfect place for students to manage all their assignments and tasks. They can easily create them and keep a track of their progress. This way, the students won’t forget about deadlines and the projects will get done smoother.



            The EdTech industry is flourishing. Nowadays students have lots of tools they can use to improve their results. From having a better collaboration to better access to information, and professional writers right by their side, the technology won’t disappoint nowadays students. Take these tools and make your student life more interactive and fun.