How to Pick the Best Diaper Pants and Wipes for Your Little One

If you want the best for your baby’s skin, then switch to the best diaper pants and wipes today. Here is a complete guide on how to pick the right variant of diapers and wipes for your little one.


When it comes to choosing the right products like the best diaper pants and wipes for your little one, you need to be extra careful before you make your pick. Since babies are more prone to catching germs, their products need to be of the best quality. You can either choose to do a little research of your own or take suggestions from your doctor beforehand. Prepare an essential kit and always keep it handy especially when you take your baby outside home.


Two of the most essential products for babies are diapers and baby wipes. These two products play an important role in keeping your baby clean and safe from infections. Over the last few years, these two products have successfully replaced the regular cloth diapers and cloth wipes for reasons like they are a lot gentler on the skin, very easy to use and dispose of, available in different variants and save a lot of time. They are the first choice for most of the parents. Hence, if you want to switch to these disposable diapers and baby care wipes then here are a few tips on how to pick the right one -


Diapers in a baby’s life are truly essential in order to stay dry and healthy. There are so many different types of diapers available in the market today for the parents to choose from, but the most useful one has to be the pants diapers standard pants. Ever since the introduction of the diaper pants, the regular stick on diapers are rarely used. Not only do they provide complete protection from urine leakage but are super convenient in terms of usage. They also come in diaper pants extra dry skin and extra soft skin variants. All you need to do is just pull it up your baby’s legs up to the waist like a regular pant and they stay put. You can even change these diapers while your baby is asleep without interrupting his/her sleep. Apart from the comfort, they come with many other useful features such as -


  • High absorbance - The pants diapers extra soft come with a unique crisscross absorbent sheet that can soak up to seven glasses of liquid which is great for night time and outdoors. Just pull up a fresh one before putting your baby to sleep or taking him/her out.


  • Navel care shape for newborn babies - You will find a newborn variant in the pants extra soft This diaper comes with a special navel care shape cut in the front in order to keep the sensitive navel of the newborn babies untouched and uncovered as you pull them up.


  • Come in different sizes - The pant style diapers come in a plethora of different sizes starting from newborns to 35kg so that you can continue using them even as your baby grows rapidly. Just keep a check once a month and switch to the larger size as and when required.


Baby care wipes

As diapers and wipes go hand in hand, you must stock up on both and always keep them in your baby’s essential kit. There are so many reasons why you should replace the cloth wipes with the disposable wet wipes such as they help you clean your baby’s bottom effectively without having to tug or pull, do not strip off the moisture off your baby’s skin and can be used and disposed of easily even when you are outside. Some of the other features of the baby wipes are -


  • Come in both with and without fragrance - You can choose whether to use these baby wipes fragrance free or with fragrance depending on your baby’s skin type. If your baby’s skin is prone to rashes then go for the no fragrance one.


  • Have a cottony soft sheet - These wipes have a special cottony soft sheet that has extra 20% thickness and 25% more moisture in order to clean efficiently.