Best Air Conditioning SEER Ratings for the Money

Air conditioners are rated on efficiency with a SEER number. The higher the SEER rating the more efficient but also more expensive a system is. Find out what SEER is right for you


SEER is an acronym that refers to Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, a term used to refer to energy efficiency in central air conditioning units. These ratings allow consumers in Palm Coast, FL, to compare cooling systems before purchasing a unit.

The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient you can expect an air conditioning unit to be. Units with higher SEER ratings in FL have lower energy costs than air conditioning with lower SEER ratings.

The U.S. Department of Energy and international laws regulate SEER efficiency standards that all manufacturers follow. In the United States, SEER is more commonly referred to as air conditioner ratings, yet the numbers are still heavily used by consumers to determine the quality of units that have the SEER star label.

When you decide to replace your old central air conditioning system in Palm Coast, FL, make sure you purchase one with the Energy Star label. Most older units in FL homes have a unit with a 6 or 7 SEER rating, making them much less efficient than units currently on the market. Available SEER rated units start at 10, with more substantial energy cost reductions available in units that have higher ratings.

Several factors affect a unit's stated SEER in FL. These include:
Installation-If not properly matched with your FL home's heating unit, SEER will be affected
Refrigerant charge-Having too much or too little will affect the evaporator and the condenser. Too little refrigerant results in ineffective cooling, while too much increases head pressure and suction and make your energy costs higher.

Other factors affecting the SEER of your Palm Coast, FL central air conditioning unit include proper sizing, air flow, mechanical distribution or duct systems, air leaks from return and supply lines and regular air conditioning maintenance. A well-maintained system will help keep the unit efficient.

If you live in the Palm Coast, FL area, ServPro can help you determine the right air conditioning system for you.