What Are the Usage and Benefits of Using Panty Liners

If you are wondering which products to use during non-period days then panty liners are the best choice. They help in soaking up the vaginal discharge and giving you a freshness down there every day. Continue reading to know which brands are the best for you and the right way of using these sheets.


For every woman out there, maintaining menstrual health is paramount. It has to be given special care and attention every month for better hygiene. Right from some exceptional quality products to using them the right way, all your habits contribute to your menstrual health. But, for a healthy intimate hygiene, you will have to give some attention to your non-period days as well. Many women often put all their efforts only during periods and not throughout the entire month. Whereas, the vaginal discharge during the non-period days also require a lot of care and attention in terms of hygiene. Just like menstrual products such as sanitary pads, tampons etc., you can also find non-period day products in the market.


One of the best non-period day products are panty liners. These are the products to be used exclusively on your non-period days. If you have not seen or heard about them before, then they look just like sanitary pads and have to be used like a sanitary pad as well. But, they are a lot smaller and thinner in size and also serve a completely different purpose. As discussed above, they are only to be used during your non-period days for soaking up the regular vaginal discharge. You cannot count on them for your light menstrual flow or even menstrual spotting. As they are very thin in size, they are not equipped for soaking up menstrual blood. But, they do an exceptional job in maintaining your non-period day hygiene. Besides, they help in keeping your favourite undies clean and prevent any soiling.


Just like sanitary pads, there are so many brands today catering to different variants of panty liners. Hence, look for these qualities in them before you make any purchase -


The best ones come in two different variants - Antibacteria & Daily Fresh.



Just like the antibacterial extra large sanitary pads, these panty liners come with a green antibacteria sheet which is made of natural ingredients and can give 99.9% protection from bacteria such as Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus and Candida Albicans. Therefore, this is apt for women who are susceptible to germs or bacterial infections. These napkins will also give a long lasting hygiene as you go about your day without having to worry about any discomfort or rashes. Especially with the summers approaching, these sheets will keep you safe from contracting any infection from profuse sweating as well. Also, you can totally count on them when you have a long day coming. Just change into fresh sheets as often as you can and you will stay fresh all day.


Quick absorb pores

As these sheets are very thin in nature just like the ultra thin sanitary napkins, they also come with small quick absorb pores all over. These pores help in soaking up the vaginal discharge so that you can stay fresh and dry for a long time. All you have to do is change these sheets every three to four hours just like you would do during your period days.


Super thin

These panty liners are very thin in nature that you won’t even feel that you are wearing an extra product down there. They just become a part of your panty itself. They are so thin that you can even carry them in your purse and wallet.


As discussed above, there are so many Panty Liner Brands available in the market today that it can get a little confusing for you to get your hands on one. Therefore, go ahead and pick Sofy. Not only non-period day products, but Sofy also caters to some of the best quality period day products like sanitary pads and menstrual tampons.