Benefits of Electronic New Patient Registration Form

Filling the conventional paper registration form is a time consuming process, in which the patient arrives at the clinic, fill the details and submit them to the office staff. Generally, these forms are comprehensive, and the process can take 15 to 30 minutes approximately. The staff members have to arrange and assemble these forms systematically so that they can be shown to the physicians during their visit.

The use of electronic new patient registration form has made the whole registration process very simple. Patients can provide the required medical details anytime and anywhere. They can verify the details in their home, before filling the form. The doctors can get the medical report of the patients at once just by writing logging in with their credentials and making few mouse clicks. It can also save the time and efforts of the administrative staff as they do not have to schedule appointments or send reminders to anybody.

Digital new patient registration form offers transparency in the whole medical process and can reduce the probability of any error. Practice Sense can customize your office’s forms and get them online. You can discuss your specifications with us to make a tailored digital registration form.

Digital forms are unique and designed by following HITECH and HIPAA standards. No outsider can interfere or change the information of any person. It can offer numerous benefits to you like:

  • Insurance Verification- It can verify the insurance claim of the patients before they arrive for the appointment; thereby, eliminating the trouble of the medical staff, verifying insurance on the phone. The electronic new patient registration form can give you with the latest insurance information of the patients upon submission.
  • Accurate Information- Patients are allowed to fill out the details in the privacy of their homes. This can be beneficial for the clinic and the patients as they can know the details of their prescribed medications and insurance information. Usually, people forget their dosage of medication, which is essential to know on visiting the clinic. The online forms can save likely cancellations and time on by alerting you before the appointment to take the next steps for the smooth experience.
  • Decrease liability- The digital registration forms are HIPAA and HITECH compliant so you can communicate with the patients and gather their information easily. The e-form service providers keep a check and exercise high level encryption on the documents of the patients. Security is a vital aspect and the professionals run integrity checks to avoid any inconvenience.
  • Transition to EMR- Providing the information into the digital system can offer convenience to everybody to read the details clearly. A hand written information might create difficulty for some specialists.
  • Lessening no show rate- By taking the time to complete the electronic new patient registration form prior to the appointment, patients feel more committed to showing up for their date.