Battlefield white tiger tank / Number one Tank crusher

White Tiger is a 2012 Russian action war film, directed by Karen Shakhnazarov based on the novella Tankist, by Russian novelist Ilya Boyashov


The film is about a badly wounded Soviet tank commander on the Eastern Front of WW II who becomes obsessed with tracking down and destroying a mysterious, invincible Nazi tank, which the Soviet troops call the "White Tiger" The Soviets design a new, more powerful T-34 tank and assign the tank commander the job of destroying the White Tiger. After a WWII Eastern Front tank battle, a Russian tank operator is found in a destroyed Soviet tank. Miraculously recovering from burns on 90% of his body, he suffers amnesia and cannot recall his identity. He receives a new passport in the name Naydёnov (from the Russian word for "found"), and is returned to duty. Naydёnov believes he has the mysterious ability to communicate with tanks as if they were people, though he tries not to advertise this. He is also recognized as the best tank driver in his army group

White Tiger