Basic Stain Removal for Leather Furniture

Owning leather furniture is awesome, but it's also an added responsibility when it comes to cleaning it and removing stains. Here are some basic stain removal tips for leather.

Owning leather furniture is awesome, but it's also an added responsibility when it comes to cleaning it and removing stains. Here are some basic stain removal tips for leather.



Everybody hates stains, no matter where we meet them – on the floor, on the walls or just somewhere on our clothes or furniture. These stains are dirty, unhygienic and they make our possessions look ugly and unpleasant to the eye. I'm sure nobody's feeling good and happy when they get something of theirs stained. The problem with stains is that they can be really different. Some of them are not so dangerous and quite easy to clean, but some of them can stay inside the fabric forever, unless you quickly find a way to get rid of them. A big problem can be the leather furniture, if you have any. Leather is very specific and needs special care in order to look good for a long time. And once a stain gets on it, it's really hard to get it out. Fortunately for you, I have compiled a list with basic stain removal tips for leather furniture, containing the most common types of stains. Just keep reading and you will find what you need.

Ink stains. Ink stains are one of the most nasty stains you can get on your new leather couch. Once you spill this substance on something, you feel that nothing can ever get it out. And the more you wait, the worse it gets, because the ink dries and sets very deep inside the fabric. This is why the best solution is to act fast. Usually the best and most efficient solution to get ink out of something is to rub it with nail polish remover. But in this case this could be very dangerous and could ruin the leather by discolouring it, and I'm sure nobody wants that. In this case you should use some kind of rubbing alcohol or just vodka. The only thing you need to do is to dip some cotton in the alcohol and after that gently rub it on the stain. If it's still fresh, it should get out quite easily. After this you can dry your leather piece of furniture using a hair dryer. Just make sure to use cold or just slightly warm air.


Grease stains. The grease stains are just as unpleasant as the ink stains. Once something greasy gets on your new leather sofa, you should get rid of it right away, because otherwise your sofa will be quite slippery for a very long time. Fortunately for you, there is a quite easy way to get rid of it once and for all. Well, unless you spill something greasy again after you've already cleaned it. The solution here is to simply dry the stain gently with a dry cloth. It's best not to use any water, because it's only dissolving the grease a little, and the stain will just get bigger. But you can try one of those grease removal products they sell on the market. Just make sure it's gentle to the fabric and it's not too erosive.

Dark stains. This kind of stains can be caused by lots of substances – blood, coffee, food, juice and many other. These stains are really unpleasant and they make us feel very dirty and guilty. Getting rid of them would be the only option to find peace. This kind of stains requires a basic leather cleaning technique, by using things we already have at home. I'm talking about the magical qualities of the lemon juice and some tartar cream. Just mix these two ingredients and put them on the stain. After 10 minutes you can clean it up with a soft cloth and some moisturising soap. Your leather sofa will be good as new.


Newsprint. Has it ever happened to you? Sometimes when we leave a new newspaper on a surface for a few hours, there's a great chance some of the letters will be printed on this surface. It's usually easily cleaned, but the leather is a kind of a gentle fabric. Fortunately, there's an easy leather cleaning solution for this too: you just need to spray it with some hair spray and wipe it with a towel afterwards. This stain removal technique for leather furniture will definitely save your couch.