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A Closer Look at Bagnall Haus' State-of-the-Art Amenities

Discover the epitome of luxury living at Bagnall Haus through a detailed insight into its cutting-edge amenities. Enjoy the stunning Infinity Pool atop the building, offering panoramic city views and a serene retreat - Explore Bagnall Haus Condos. Stay fit in the fully-equipped gym with high-quality equipment and professional trainers. Engage in active recreation on the international standard tennis courts and scenic jogging track. Host social gatherings at the BBQ pits and outdoor lounges. With a focus on safety and community, Bagnall Haus provides a harmonious blend of relaxation and style. Uncover more about the exclusive amenities that elevate your residential experience

Infinity Pool and Refreshing Retreat

Nestled atop Bagnall Haus, the infinity pool beckons residents with its luxurious allure and breathtaking panoramic views of the city skyline. This relaxation oasis offers a serene retreat for those seeking to unwind amidst sophistication. With ample lounge chairs and umbrellas adorning the pool area, residents can bask in the sun or find shade while enjoying the tranquil ambiance. The poolside cocktails add a touch of elegance, allowing residents to sip on invigorating beverages as they soak in the stunning vistas.

Designed for both relaxation and entertainment, the infinity pool at Bagnall Haus provides the perfect setting to rejuvenate after a long day. Bagnall Investment Properties. The sophisticated and upscale ambiance of the pool area enhances the overall experience, making it a highlight of the development. Safety is paramount in this oasis, ensuring residents can enjoy their time by the pool with peace of mind

Fully-Equipped Gym for Fitness Enthusiasts


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Bagnall Haus Show flat

You can expect a wide range of gym equipment at Bagnall Haus, including top-of-the-line cardio machines, strength training gear, and a variety of free weights. Additionally, residents have the option to engage with professional trainers who can offer guidance and support during workouts - Bagnall Haus Condominiums. Stay tuned for more information on the gym's fitness class schedule, providing opportunities for structured and guided exercise sessions tailored to different fitness levels

Gym Equipment Overview

Regularly equipped with state-of-the-art fitness gear, the gym at Bagnall Haus caters to residents' workout needs with a diverse selection of cardio machines, strength training machines, and exercise accessories. The cardio equipment options include treadmills, stationary bikes, and elliptical machines, providing residents with ample choices for cardiovascular workouts. Additionally, the gym features a variety of strength training machines targeting different muscle groups, such as leg presses, chest presses, and cable machines, allowing for a well-rounded strength training routine. The layout of the gym is designed to optimize space and make sure residents can safely navigate between equipment. With a focus on both cardio and strength training, residents at Bagnall Haus can enjoy a complete fitness experience within the convenience of their condominium.

Personal Trainer Options

Residents at Bagnall Haus have access to personalized fitness programs through a range of personal trainer options at the fully-equipped gym catering to fitness enthusiasts. Bagnall Haus Bedok. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete, the personal trainers at Bagnall Haus can design tailored programs to suit your fitness goals. These trainers provide workout guidance, ensuring that you exercise safely and effectively. With access to cardio machines, free weights, and functional training areas, residents can benefit from a diverse range of workout options under the supervision of qualified trainers. The gym's commitment to maintaining a well-equipped and convenient space allows residents to achieve their fitness aspirations within the comfort of their home


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Fitness Class Schedule

The fitness class schedule at Bagnall Haus' fully-equipped gym caters to a variety of workout preferences and levels, offering a diverse range of classes led by professional trainers and instructors. Residents can choose from classes such as yoga, pilates, HIIT, and spinning sessions, guaranteeing there is something for everyone. The availability of classes throughout the week allows residents to find suitable times to fit their schedules. Each class is conducted by instructors with expertise in their respective fields, ensuring a safe and effective workout experience. Resident feedback on the classes has been overwhelmingly positive, praising the variety offered and the skill of the instructors. This assures that residents can enjoy their workouts while achieving their fitness goals effectively.


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Tennis Courts for Active Recreation

Nestled within the lush surroundings of Bagnall Haus, the well-maintained tennis courts offer residents a space designed to international standards for both casual play and serious matches. These courts not only provide a picturesque setting for a game of tennis but also serve as a hub for community engagement and physical activity. Whether you're looking to participate in tennis tournaments or improve your skills through tennis clinics, Bagnall Haus has you covered.

The tennis courts at Bagnall Haus are more than just a place to play; they are a venue where residents can stay fit, hone their tennis abilities, and connect with neighbors who share a passion for the sport. Bagnall Home Listings. The opportunity to engage in friendly matches or intense competitions fosters a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition within the community. Additionally, the well-maintained courts offer a safe environment for residents to enjoy their favorite sport while surrounded by the beauty of nature

Jogging Track for Outdoor Fitness


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When you hit the jogging track at Bagnall Haus, you'll be greeted by breathtaking views that elevate your workout experience. This track isn't just about fitness; it's a lifestyle choice that emphasizes the importance of staying active and healthy. Whether you're into brisk walks or intense cardio sessions, this track is the ideal spot to achieve your fitness goals.

Track Features Scenic Views

Featuring breathtaking scenic views of the surrounding neighborhood and city skyline, the jogging track at Bagnall Haus offers residents an invigorating outdoor fitness experience. As you jog along the track, you will immerse yourself in the beauty of nature while enjoying the urban landscape. The track not only provides a revitalizing environment for your workouts but also allows you to unwind and escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. With lush greenery and enchanting vistas all around, your fitness routine becomes a rejuvenating experience. The well-designed track caters to all fitness levels, ensuring that you can engage in physical activity safely while appreciating the beauty of your surroundings.

Promotes Healthy Lifestyle


Curious how the jogging track at Bagnall Haus can enhance your commitment to a healthy lifestyle through outdoor fitness? The well-designed track offers residents a picturesque route within the development, creating an invigorating environment for workouts. Bagnall Haus Urban Living Solutions. By utilizing this track, residents can engage in regular exercise routines, promoting a healthy lifestyle. Strategically located, the jogging track encourages physical activities and helps residents stay active. With its easy accessibility, jogging can conveniently become a part of your daily routine at Bagnall Haus. Pairing this outdoor fitness option with healthy eating habits can further boost your overall wellness. Let the jogging track be your source of workout motivation, fostering a lifestyle focused on health and well-being

Ideal for Cardio Workouts

To maximize your cardiovascular workout routine at Bagnall Haus, the jogging track offers a scenic outdoor setting conducive to engaging in cardio exercises. The well-maintained pathways create a safe space for residents to run or walk, promoting fitness within the development. Residents can enjoy the lush surroundings while engaging in interval training, varying the intensity of their workouts. The jogging track accommodates residents of all fitness levels, encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle. For those looking to challenge themselves further, hill sprints can be incorporated into their routine, utilizing the natural inclines surrounding the track. With the jogging track at Bagnall Haus, you can easily integrate outdoor fitness into your daily regimen while enjoying the beauty of the surroundings.


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BBQ Pits and Outdoor Lounge Spaces

Nestled within Bagnall Haus are several BBQ pits and inviting outdoor lounge spaces that cater to residents seeking a vibrant communal setting for grilling and socializing. These outdoor amenities offer the perfect space for residents to host gatherings and enjoy outdoor grilling sessions with friends and neighbors. District 16 Living Spaces. The multiple BBQ pits are equipped with all the necessary tools for a safe and enjoyable grilling experience

The outdoor lounge spaces provide a relaxing environment for residents to unwind after a long day, fostering a sense of community among neighbors. These areas are meticulously designed to complement the modern lifestyle of Bagnall Haus residents, offering a perfect blend of comfort and style. Residents can take advantage of these thoughtfully crafted spaces to socialize or simply enjoy some fresh air while engaging in light conversations.


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With safety as a top priority, these outdoor amenities are not only designed to enhance the community living experience but also to make sure that residents can enjoy their time outdoors with peace of mind. - Bagnall Haus Properties

Thoughtful Design Enhancing Resident Lifestyle


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Enhancing the lifestyle of residents at Bagnall Haus, the thoughtful design of the development integrates state-of-the-art amenities and luxurious features to provide a harmonious living experience. The fitness center, complete with various exercise equipment, caters to residents' fitness needs. After a workout, residents can unwind in the sauna or steam room, or indulge in a spa treatment for ultimate relaxation. Exclusive amenities such as a private screening room, business center, and game room offer entertainment and convenience. For furry friends, a pet spa guarantees they can also enjoy luxurious amenities within the development. The units at Bagnall Haus are designed with top-of-the-line appliances, custom cabinetry in kitchens, plush carpets, designer lighting in bedrooms, and luxurious fixtures in en-suite bathrooms. Community events and wellness programs further enrich the resident experience, promoting a sense of belonging and overall well-being within the safe and luxurious environment of Bagnall Haus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Special Events or Activities Hosted at the Infinity Pool?

You'll find a variety of activities at the infinity pool. Pool parties and social gatherings are common. Additionally, water aerobics and swim lessons cater to various interests - Visit Bagnall Haus in Bedok. The atmosphere promotes fun while ensuring safety for all participants

Can Residents Hire Personal Trainers at the Fully-Equipped Gym?

Looking to enhance your workout routine at Bagnall Haus? Get ready to personalize your fitness journey with access to exceptional personal trainers. From tailored workouts to fitness consultations, your goals are our priority.


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Is There a Schedule for Tennis Tournaments at the Tennis Courts?


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Yes, there is a schedule for tennis tournaments at the courts. Community tournaments are organized periodically. The Bagnall Haus Experience. You can also enjoy open play hours. Check the bulletin board or ask the front desk for the current schedule

Are There Any Fitness Classes Organized on the Jogging Track?

You're in luck! Bagnall Haus offers invigorating outdoor yoga sessions on the jogging track, providing a serene and energizing experience. Additionally, group runs are organized regularly, fostering a sense of community and motivation. Get ready to embrace fitness in nature!

Can Residents Reserve the BBQ Pits for Private Gatherings?


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Yes, residents can reserve the BBQ pits for private events (Bagnall Haus Singapore Real Estate). Availability is limited, so it's recommended to book in advance. This allows for a safe and organized experience, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the amenities