Key Features of the Professional Lanyards

Material for making neck lanyards varies from a simple cord or beaded chain to 1.0" wide flat synthetic or cotton webbing. The most common cut length for a lanyard is 36" when measured end to end. The finished size is approximately 17". Cotton and nylon lanyard cord material is 1/8" to 3/16" in diameter and available in a wide variety of colours. Beaded chain is available in metal as well as plastic. Nickel plated brass ball chain is by far the most popular for ID cards.


Lanyards maker in Singapore are becoming more popular as people learn more about the health benefits of proper hydration. The most common water bottle holding attachment hardware is a rubber O-ring which can be stretched around the neck of standard pint and litter plastic water bottles. Machinery for making lanyards ranges from light to heavy-duty and from manual to automatic.


Such release or quick-release features allow for the convenient use of the object without having to remove the lanyard from around the neck i.e. keys, id cards, cell phones etc. Increased personal safety concerns have dictated the use of breakaway connectors for Lanyards Singapore being used in schools, offices, hospitals and other places where lanyards can get snagged, caught or pulled.