This is the correct thing to do after your credit card expires


What is the correct way to handle a credit card delinquency? It should be done in steps:

Evaluate your future income. When you know that you will not be able to repay in a short period of time, do not pay back bit by bit, because this will have no effect. Plan your income well and save first.

Maintain good communication with the bank,申請信用卡 show that they have a strong willingness to repay, and tell the bank their true situation and have been working hard to raise money, so that the bank will not worry about you losing contact with debt collectors.

Don’t waste time negotiating with the bank about exempting interest and liquidated damages on installments within one or two months after the overdue payment. Banks generally will not agree to such a request. At this time, the bank hopes to collect the full amount of the debt, 信用卡申請but it is difficult for the debtor to do this.

After 3-4 months, banks must include credit card arrears in social non-performing Internet loan risk management, which will have a major impact on the assessment of Chinese banks. At this time, the development of commercial banks will negotiate with you to waive overdue interest and Installment fee. At this time, you can explain your future repayment plan to the bank. For example, request the People's Bank of China to conduct accounting installments on the principal and give you multiple installments based on the interest rate of the housing mortgage loan. Most of the time, the bank can Agree to your request.

According to the bank's plan, monthly repayments must be punctual in the early stage. If you occasionally encounter financing difficulties, you can apply to the bank to postpone the repayment for more than 10 days, and you can also be exempted from arrears interest.

Pick yourself up, fight again, and work hard to make money. The most important thing at this time is to maintain a good attitude and always remind yourself that there is no shame in overdue debt. No matter where you go, you have to hold your head high. First, you must respect yourself so that others can respect you.

People whose credit cards are overdue often panic when they are overdue. Their mentality is affected by the country's major social influence, and they seek medical treatment in a hurry. Therefore, the most important thing for us after overdue is to keep calm.

In the face of overdue debts, we should realize the following points: the bank's collection staff are not gangsters, they just want to deal with the overdue debts with you, and they will definitely talk to you peacefully; don't pay too much attention to the credit investigation after the deadline. No one knows about your credit check except the bank review. Five years after the overdue debt is settled, the stain on your credit report will be automatically removed. Overdue debt is not a heinous crime, nor is it a shame to be known by relatives and friends. Keep hope in life and get back on your feet. No one can look down on you!


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