Gary Blonder

Gary Blonder: Marine Industry Specialist and Boat Expert




Gary Blonder, one of the world's foremost yacht experts and consultant, has owned, operated and chartered a succession of world class mega yachts.

Never heard of a yacht charter? Yacht charters are a sort of sailing accommodation that allows for the hire a unique water vessel, for instance a yacht, for a sailing vacation or for special events and meetings. There are lots of different kinds of yacht charters eligible for your hiring purposes. The kind that is required is greatly dependent on what your specifications and requirements are.

Yacht charters are great for just a family holiday, a party with some friends or business meetings or events. On the whole, yacht charters ideal for holidays, celebrations or business purposes.


Gary Blonder is committed to achieving the utmost customer satisfaction in the yacht industry.

Gary is not ready to compromise with customer satisfaction, in any circumstances. His guests are always the priority for him and he goes to great lengths to accommodate their preferences. Gary’s guests are a satisfied lot and always offer positive reviews about him. He comes across as a very friendly and down-to-earth person that is capable of understanding their requirements. His guests connect with him at a personal level and also share their experiences with him. Gary also takes special care to make the entire experience a memorable one for his guests.


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