Planting grass|Natural sponge city can let the baby bathe

Many mothers feel that their skin is not good when they are around their babies, such as acne and allergies, and they will think it is a genetic problem or an environmental problem. In fact, most of the time mothers choose the wrong bathing tools.

Babies have delicate skin, so use pigmented bamboo sponge and bath brushes with rough surfaces. Because the skin is irritated, it will become red and swollen, and it will become a skin problem over time.

In addition, ordinary bath tools are difficult to clean the pores of the baby's skin. Long-term use will easily clog the pores and affect sweating. In severe cases, bacterial infections, skin itching and other diseases may occur.

Every child is a treasure in the hands of a mother, and it is every mother's wish to raise the baby to be white and tender. Well, taking a bath is the first step in raising your baby's skin, and mothers must not ignore it.

natural sponge

In autumn, the baby's skin problem begins to develop and become dry, and the mother can do it herself. Natural bulk loofah 6 inch, not only can be used by students to bathe a child, but also can be used to wash the face.

How good is a natural hemp sponge? I have to share some features:

It is natural, without any chemical addition, and is more delicate and soft than towels, so there is no need to worry about hurting the baby's skin.

Safer than artificial sponges.

It is a natural organic sponge from the Mediterranean Sea, with a moderate PH value, especially for skin protection, and has been used in Europe for a long time

It has become a must-have for many pregnant mothers and babies.

It has countless fine and dense hairs on its surface, which has a strong adsorption effect, and its unique fibrous structure cooperates with our human skin.

The tissue can be close to the pores, which can well achieve the purpose of deep cleansing.

In addition to bathing, it can also be used to wash your face. The natural sponge not only deeply cleans the facial skin and exfoliates the face

On the stratum corneum, prevent acne and relieve fatigue.

It also reduces eye bags, wrinkles and sensitive skin stimulates facial capillaries and shrinks pores

Use it with confidence.

It grows on the seabed and has a good clean production capacity. It is not easy to grow mold and deform, and it can also be antistatic.

In fact, Europeans have long discovered the benefits of natural sponges, long-term use of dermatologists also recommend using natural sponges for babies and sensitive skin.

Strong water absorption, can absorb water instantly!

The structure of natural sponge is different from that of artificial sponge material. It has strong water absorption and is easy to control water. Just twist it a little and it will be almost squeezed.

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