Comptus Announces Call for Entries for Summoners War World Arena Championship 2023

Com2us (CEO Lee Ju-hwan) has confirmed that the World Finals of the Summoners War World Arena Championship 2023 (SWC2023) will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, and has begun recruiting participants for this year's tournament.


The SWC, 토토사이트 the global esports competition for Summoners War: Arena of the Heavens, has been held annually around the world since 2017 with great success. It offers the opportunity to compete against domestic and international talents and the fun of watching top-level matches, and is an esports festival where summoners around the world cheer and shout from the online qualifiers to the offline main event and World Finals.


Applications for this year's tournament are now open until June 19 at 4 p.m. PT via the in-game event page. Qualifiers will be selected based on their performance in World Arena Season 24 and Season 25, and regional qualifiers will begin in August.


The qualifiers will be divided into four groups: Korea, Other East Asia, Japan, and Southeast Asia & Oceania, with 16 players each from Europe and the Americas, and eight players each from Asia-Pacific, 스포츠토토 for a total of 32 players to compete in the Regional Cup. A separate selection for China will be held offline for the first time on August 5 in Shenzhen to select one player for the World Finals.


In particular, this year, we will introduce an 'OPEN QUALIFIER' to bring a new twist to the competition. The Open Qualifier is a system that provides one World Finals ticket as an advantage to the host region of the World Finals. The top eight applicants from the region will be selected based on their World Arena performance, and one winner will be selected in a single-elimination tournament to qualify directly for the World Finals. Players who are eliminated will be able to return to a later regional qualifier.


The hosts of the Regional Cups and World Finals have also been revealed. The European Cup, America's Cup, and Asia-Pacific Cup will be held in Paris, France; Los Angeles, USA; and Taipei, Taiwan, respectively, while the World Finals will be held in Bangkok, Thailand in November. The Asia-Pacific Cup, which includes Thailand, will have two players qualify for the World Finals instead of the usual three, as the open qualifier system will allow one Thai player to advance directly to the finals.


Meanwhile, Comptus has been building excitement around the world by releasing a teaser video that emphasizes the meaning of global esports, competing and uniting under the slogan 'PROVE YOURSELF'. For more information on the competition outline and schedule of SWC2023, 스포츠토토맨 please visit the official website.