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How we pick Maine's best solar companies Energy Sage cares about connecting customers who want solar to good companies.

 As a result, all of the solar installers on the above list are registered with the Energy Sage Marketplace in Maine and have undergone pre-screening by our team.

What exactly does it entail to be "pre-screened"? We check each solar installer to make sure they will give Energy Sage customers good service. The approval of these high-quality installers is based on their reputation, certifications, licensing, and insurance. Here's how we make sure our partners are the best when adding new installers to the Energy Sage Marketplace:

 Companies on this list of states may have their headquarters in other states, participate in any residential, commercial, or utility market, and offer any installation service (EPC, developer, rooftop solar installer, installation subcontractor, electrical subcontractor, sales partner).


The listed kilowatts may have been installed by any company in Maine in any market (residential, commercial, or utility), but only within Maine's borders.

The businesses listed below are a subset of the 2021 Top Solar Contractors list, sorted by the number of DC kilowatts installed in 2020.

Visit our Top Solar Contractors landing page to learn more about Solar Power World's annual Top Solar Contractors list and other sublists.

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Solar is a great option for the majority of homeowners in the area because Mainers use significantly less electricity than the majority of people in the United States, but they pay significantly more per kWh.

Is Maine a good state for solar

Environmental site permits will be required for solar projects in Maine, whether from the US Army Corps of Engineers, municipalities, the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), the Land Use Planning Commission (LUPC), the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (IFW), or any combination of these agencies.