Brittany Petros
Born September 9, 1974

The Sun is in Virgo
Having the Sun in Virgo creates more frustration than having the Ascendant there. With the Sun here you feel a sense of pride and leadership about your role in maintaining the health and overall smooth functioning of society in a population which fails to take you or your advice seriously. As a result, you build the common interpretation usually assigned to Virgo: analytical, critical, picky, service oriented, etc. You begin to feel that evidence and rational analysis mean nothing to a world which prefers to be confused with the facts about which they have already made up their minds. You try very hard to become educated, ignoring your own best judgments in the interest of remaining attached to society on what ever basis you find it possible to be accepted. You are concerned with purity, distilling the essence from whatever you contact. You find it difficult to compromise yet compromise is continually demanded of you. In short the world is just reaching the threshold of what you hold to be vital. Having the Sun here gives you an urgency to shine by means of what the world is barely ready to recognize. Good luck in finding ways to get your message across. Remember it has to be a mutual effort. You can't do it all alone. Don't stop trying. Don't get too discouraged when you seem to fail. The message is coming through slow but sure.

Degree Influence for The Sun:
16° Virgo
People of this degree might be considered the salt of the earth. They provide an almost indescribable quality which the rest of us could not live without but most of them go unnoticed for their service. Mercury, the messenger of the Sun, weaves together the threads of communication into a pattern that allows us all to understand what is going on around us. We generally assume there is nothing to the process. We miss the fact that what we speak and write would lie dormant without the structural pattern of communication that Mercury provides. Of course, we all have access to the fabric of communication that Mercury provides but persons of this degree work to gather all these materials together. No piece of information in their vicinity misses their eagle eye. Those in his/her environment seldom realize how drastically his/her presence would be missed if s/he were not there. They demand nothing for themselves. They simply have faith their needs will be met, which they usually are. They do the thing most natural to their own nature, rarely recognizing their own true value. If they live in a well-balanced environment, which in real terms is probably non-existent, they may function without upset. However, they are prone to throwing themselves off balance trying to make up for any distortion in their environment. Along with these qualities they are, for the most part, deep thinkers able to draw conclusions of a very precise nature. Like the rest of us, they need to be recognized and acknowledged as a member of the whole and not just as part of the background scenery. They perform in such a way as to lead those around them to feel they are complete in themselves. Sooner or later their work will suffer for lack of recognition unless they find a comfortable place where they are suitably recognized.

The Ascendant is in Libra
Having a Libra Ascendant puts you in the middle of the fracas where the action is now and has been for the past several years. Relationships are of the utmost importance to you. However, at the moment you are like a ship with out a rudder, looking for a new and more workable formula to exist in this evolving world. You are very likely to feel that you can't live with people and you cannot live without them. You are extremely lucky if you have found someone to help you build a structure, laying down guidelines to follow in your journey or explorations. It is likely under the current atmosphere, that you will have to move from one relationship to another several times in the process. However, every relationship you have of any kind, even so called enemies, family, friend, colleague, boss, etc., will furnish you clues worth watching for in designing what you really want. The evolvement of Libra has to do with relatedness, which includes your relationship to the world around you in every sense, particularly on a one to one basis.

Degree Influence for The Ascendant:
29° Libra
Artistic abilities are the strength of this degree. The native prefers to work quietly on his/her own. S/he will put up with almost anything to keep things peaceful in his/her environment. S/he cherishes human interaction and will even make sacrifices in order to maintain his/her relationships but spending some time alone helps him/her to maintain his/her identity. There is usually a keen mind sensitive to those around him/her. Being continually subjected to a hostile environment is particularly damaging to him/her, causing withdrawal, melancholy or possibly even violence, depending on the level of frustration.

The Moon is in Gemini
This indicates a very emotional make-up. It is an attempt to blend the mind and the emotions much like mixing., oil and water. Both the mind and the emotions are cramped by this position. It is possible, however, to make this position work for you. The mind and the emotions are both an integral part of our make-up. We need both and we need to relate them to each other. You naturally feel safer ignoring deep emotional pitfalls which do not respond to reason. Your approach is to laugh or joke your way out of such situations. You may tend to panic. Information and a clear mind will gently lead you out of such situations if you can hold on. This may demand a certain amount of concentration which this position leaves dangling and so you must provide the balance. Emotions do respond to a certain calming logic if you don't lose faith in what you are doing. Emotions must be accepted in order to be understood. You prefer to stay uninvolved by skipping lightly over feelings. Our emotional pattern is largely subconscious and hidden beneath the surface and we use our minds to explain and rationalize in order to keep this pattern safely hidden. However, there is a logic to this pattern that we need to be able to look at objectively as well as rationalize for protection. Only when we are not under attack are we able to do this. It is very necessary to make the most of this position of the Moon by your own efforts.

Degree Influence for The Moon:
18° Gemini
There has been disagreement about the qualities of this degree. There is undoubtedly mental suppleness and subtlety. There is also an ability to penetrate using swift mental action which may be turned in any direction the chart may lead. But the inability to understand love in its many forms is often a stumbling block, causing the native much pain and sense of failure. Love is a subject this native seems to be tantalized by. His/her failure to understand love may be why some of these individuals turn to more dishonest and criminal practices. This difficulty can involve personal love or universal love. The conflict and frustration comes from being too rational and precise in the area of feelings. There is danger of execution brought about by this frustration.

Venus is in Virgo
This position of Venus is much maligned because it causes you to be suspicious of the love nature that the world has idolized to their detriment. This position of Venus points to the true nature of love. Since the world or humanity at large is still very unwilling to recognize true love, these people must use this influence to protect themselves from falling into the traps the rest of the world says would be their salvation. Therefore, you with this position present a very distorted picture of what you would prefer to be expressing. You are unable to buy an advertised love which says don't think just feel. You are continually pointing out what is wrong with those you love. They would prefer for you to love them for their unevolved selves alone. Who gets the blame? You do. This vicious circle is indeed difficult to break out of. If no one will accept the best that you have to offer you will oblige them by giving them a very inadequate facsimile of what they are asking for. Many of you just never marry or ever find anyone you can be happy with. It is my belief that all this is changing. When excessive sex-obsessed-with-technique runs its course and humanity as a whole begins to talk about the closeness of a relationship, understanding, real caring, affection being located in the bowels, you will have your day. "Falling in love" is indeed dangerous. You have sense enough to realize that. When the world has truly learned to accept that fact the evaluation of Virgo will emerge from the fog in a truly beneficial way. This position of Venus is in the forefront of that threshold.

Degree Influence for Venus:
01° Virgo
This degree is indicative of a strategist. S/he may be very deep or very shallow but s/he makes a mental plan or pattern to guide his/her way in relationship to other people. S/he may be very clever or very naive but s/he has a mental approach to attracting and holding the spotlight. His/her interests are involved with social interaction. S/he develops mental skills which s/he applies to human behavior. S/he maintains a friendly and flattering, outgoing aura which spells welcome to everyone. There may be ulterior motives behind his/her friendliness or s/he may be genuinely eager to develop his/her relationships with others. Regardless of his/her motivation, s/he is skilled at being the life of the party. S/he adds mental cleverness to the Leo need to be in the spotlight. If s/he is secure and well-oriented, this ability will be a genuine asset to his/her becoming a valuable member of society. If s/he is resentful and bent on revenge, s/he will be dangerous both to himself/herself and others.

Mars is in Virgo
"I could not love thee dear half so much, had I not loved honor more." This sex planet in a virgin sign is not moved by emotion but by their own logic. Because of this, you may be what others consider "cold blooded," while you are saying "this hurts me more than it does you." You are quick to understand yet cautious, diplomatic yet practical with a minutiae for detail. These abilities will keep you on the track, pursuing some line of reasoning or investigation down to a "gnat's eyebrow." You are most concerned in perfecting yourself and your own image. Because perfection is not a static state of being, you may suffer physically as a result of irritability and worry. Diverticulosis may be the result of continued irritation. Diet and good hygiene habits are very important. This position may lead you into the military field. However, you are not really as courageous or daring as you may appear to others. You are most concerned about knowing the details of where you are going and how to accomplish precisely what you desire. You will irritatingly pursue any line of reasoning to it's logical conclusion, ignoring everything along the way as you zero in on your point. You may "miss the forest for the trees." This position is also very good for scientific research.

Degree Influence for Mars:
27° Virgo
There are a variety of findings here. The classical "egghead" type often results from this influence. But the need for interaction and deference to the opinions of others sometimes seems to arrest or hinder the highly mental capacity and keep it from being put to good use. There are a few notable exceptions such Einstein's Jupiter active on this degree. In most cases, they seem not to have the strength to use their mental ability for anything other than being in service to others. This individual often seeks to keep the peace rather than dispute facts and usually lacks the strength necessary for ground-breaking accomplishments which tend to challenge the accepted order.

Saturn is in Cancer
You will find very little good said about Saturn in Cancer or the Fourth House. This position restricts the emotions and often causes the home to be more of a prison than a comfort. Much depends on where the Moon is located. When the Moon is in Capricorn, a position about which you also read very little good, you will find that these two work very well together alleviating the obvious problems each may have independently. By the same token you may learn to use either of these positions to your advantage if you objectively correct the most obvious excesses. Saturn seeks to organize and legalize what it takes in hand. The emotions do not respond easily to this kind of approach or treatment. Never the less, Saturn in Cancer or the Fourth House can be very sensitive and responsible to the needs of those who share the home. Saturn is disciplinarian. Things must be done right. Perhaps if there was not so much wrong to be corrected this position would seem more friendly. If you have Saturn in this position don't try to correct all of the ills you see at any cost. Adopt a program which will slowly but patiently work on your own inadequacies first. Then gently but firmly hold the line in relationships with others to encourage rather than demand their steady growth and development. You will find yourself in the position of teacher in the home. This is not bad. You can be a very good teacher. Be firm but gentle with yourself as well as others. Be willing to learn from those you seek to teach. Do not become discouraged because of lack of perfection. This position also adds permanence and years to your life.

Degree Influence for Saturn:
16° Cancer
This degree in the Scorpio decanate of Cancer partakes greatly of the deeply insightful and determined holding power of these two signs. There is inexhaustible courage and strength with the backing of powerful capacities. The intelligence is far beyond normal. The native squares his/her facts as s/he goes along checking everything out almost automatically, as though s/he had the mind of a computer. Perhaps this is the key to his/her success. If our minds were cleared of the misinformation we hold for emotional reasons we would all think more logically. This native does not suffer from a lack of emotion and this helps to soften the hard logic of science. Most of the natives of this degree attract problems in keeping with their abilities and find that they must make use of all of their abilities in order to hold their own in what they find to be a hostile world. They hold to a moral standard of chivalry and seldom if ever yield to the unfair treachery with which they meet. You can be sure that these natives will win out over the battles of life. There may be a softness about them to cause their opponents to misjudge their overall strength. But this native is not to be cut down. If and when s/he goes down, s/he is sure to take his/her opponent with him/her. S/he is vulnerable only when s/he slips from his/her infallible plumb line of conscience by which s/he judges right from wrong within himself/herself. If s/he slips from his/her own moral code s/he, like Samson, will go down with his/her opponent but s/he does not go down alone.

Chiron is in Aries
The influence here really surprises me. For some reason it seems to be caught between Saturn and Uranus more than any other sign. At least for now and a significant period of time past and future Chiron is outside the orbit of Uranus in this sign. Here it seems to be most involved with women's issues, relationships, childbirth, bleeding heart sympathy, as well as being secretive and authoritarian. It suggests to me a pioneer confronting a wilderness of unexplored possibilities with fervor, determination and sensitivity. Of its maverick nature, it may be the most unpredictable maverick in this sign. "I will be me at all cost," even though the cost is also taken into account. Chiron will not go looking for trouble. Neither will it give up on the goal. Merely the means to get there. If you have Chiron here, you have the assignment to be yourself first, then finding a partnership you can allow without destroying your identity.

Degree Influence for Chiron:
23° Aries
If the individual is spiritually oriented to genuine truth, this degree will lend its influence to transcendence and inspiration. If the individual is inclined to take the avenues of escape, this degree will contribute to his/her downfall and dissolution. Either way, this degree will raise nebulous problems to be solved. If s/he can perceive these situations with true insight and deal with them in a meaningful way rather than being overwhelmed with confusion and uncertainty, s/he may rise to great heights under this influence. The trick here is to look beneath the surface because the individual is likely to misjudge even his/her own abilities. S/he may only see through rose-colored glasses or dark and foreboding fog if deeper insight is not cultivated. This degree has a Neptune flavor. It would be well to judge the strength or weakness of that planet in the chart in order to determine the influence of this degree.

Ceres is in Pisces
This is a very astute combination. Everything depends on your motivation and the structure of the rest of the chart. Your mind will be sharp and clever. You will have a significant ability to deal effectively with emotional hang-ups, your own as well as those of other people. You have a keen respect for reality and the facts of any situation. This position increases whatever objectivity you are capable of. You are likely to get into trouble in realizing how vulnerable other people are through their emotional hang-ups. You have the ability and patience to be helpful if you are oriented to being helpful. However, if you become disgusted with other people's stupidity you may become adept at conning others by using their own emotional hang-ups against them rather than helping them to be more aware of their soft spots. You work well with subtleties and foggy situations. You have a keen ability to ferret out hidden information to expose the truth. Basically you are positively oriented towards making things grow and nurturing life-giving qualities. However, you may be so far ahead of those around you that you lose respect for those who are unable to keep up with your sharp insight and quick mind. This is one of the most effective positions for Ceres, giving you the ability to deal realistically and effectively with the nebulous but intangible wealth of the sign Pisces in a practical and meaningful way. Its power comes from the ability to recognize and separate emotional hang-ups from your own ability to be rational. In every case, this is a significant help. In some cases, it is literally astounding to those who are unable to recognize what is involved.

Degree Influence for Ceres:
06° Pisces
There is a gambling instinct here. S/he is taken with the idea of accomplishing his/her financial goals with one lucky turn. But s/he is not so lucky and s/he only stands to lose from such foolishness. Money is a serious concern to him/her and is usually the cause of most of his/her trouble. S/he is inconstant in his/her attitude toward others, sometimes friendly and warm; at others, cool and distant. People may get the idea that s/he uses friendship for his/her own ends. However, this is not true. It is more that s/he is moody and not always in a friendly mood. If s/he is able to settle down and pursue a logical goal, s/he may attain a measure of success. Often a last minute stroke of luck will carry him/her over if s/he has labored faithfully on his/her own behalf. S/he has considerable ability if s/he just uses what s/he has.

Pallas is in Capricorn
This position encourages working independently with another person. There is a structured awareness which demands freedom as well as responsibility to function at its best. You need other people to enhance your own awareness. However, you are stifled by commitments which tie your hands and keep you from making the best use of what you know to be true. You also function best in relationships with someone, a partner of some kind, from marriage or otherwise, who can function independently without rejecting or ignoring you. You have the capacity to deal with a constantly changing scene. This helps you go and grow spontaneously. Only when those around you can support such action and behavior will you be able to do your best. You waste very little. However, you have the capacity to restrict, modify, and reform what you are doing. This position of Pallas gives Capricorn more flexibility within the structure than any other body. It is positive, optimistic, conservative, practical and joyful in its action. Anything else you have in Capricorn will benefit from the addition of Pallas here. It is also very helpful to the position of Saturn, wherever it is located in your chart. It adds a leavening quality to whatever Saturn is stimulating.

Degree Influence for Pallas:
22° Capricorn
There are strong ties to the earth and natives of this degree are often involved with agriculture or mining. There is an ability to work hard for long periods of time. There is also a spiritual core which may take him/her along more occult lines of study. There is a keen and sharp mind eager for knowledge, interested in difficult problems and situations. There are abilities which would contribute greatly to detective work although this area is usually not sufficiently broad to attract these people. They are interested in dead languages, deciphering hieroglyphs and working with difficult symbols. They may be drawn to archeology and the resurrections of buried cultures. S/he has a strong and forceful character which will take him/her wherever s/he wishes to go. S/he usually has a strong sense of direction and the patience to get where s/he is going. There is also a measure of luck to bolster inborn abilities.

Juno is in Pisces
This is perhaps one of the most difficult positions to handle constructively on the positive side. You are inclined to be very defensive and very skilled at so called "feminine wiles." You will be ambitious to succeed and be acceptable in your society. Much which could be characterized as intrigue lies in your way. Juno associated with Libra and Virgo is in its detriment here, as are all the Asteroids. Ceres and Vesta make the best adjustment to this sign. However, they all have difficulty adapting to the more intangible side of life in Pisces. Juno particularly needs clear cut records of where it stands. Lacking that, it is skilled at manipulation and devious means of winning. With this position, you find it difficult to pin down the rules. You were probably raised with "because I say so" by your parents. You are subjected to authority figures and given little room to be in a position to control your destiny openly. Trying to live an honest, above board life in the open is the next thing to impossible under these circumstances. Nevertheless, your success in life depends on breaking out of this pattern as effectively and honorably as possible.

Degree Influence for Juno:
13° Pisces
This native revolves around a point outside himself/herself and seems to need another person to orient himself/herself to; a mirror to reflect his/her own image. The influence is cloudy and deceptive and sometimes makes these natives seem difficult to trust. His/her lack of ability to act independently may force him/her to rely on unreliable people, which may be the source of his/her deception. If those around him/her are able to be clear and specific s/he may be more reliable than s/he would be independently. S/he is likely to reflect any distortions which s/he finds around him/her, increasing the sense of deception. There may be some questions surrounding his/her motivations.

Vesta is in Scorpio
This position indicates a strong sense of responsibility or lack of it in rebellion. This is a very strong influence but it can take a variety of expressions depending on the evolvement of the individual. You will feel a strong need to comply with what you believe to be true, or pay the price. Your freedom may be at stake. However, this is the place where cultural taboos are met and challenged. Regeneration is going beyond the law, but only after the law has been satisfied. Your attitude towards sex is likely to be very crucial to what you consider responsible. If you are in serious rebellion against society your sexual behavior may be perverted. You are likely to use sex as an expression of your sense of responsibility or the lack of it. You will feel the demands made on you by your parents and the culture you grew up in as the standard you must deal with for better or for worse. You may accept this standard and pay the price for whatever reservations you feel are necessary. Or you may feel that you are victimized by a totally irresponsible society, in which case you will find a way to fight back. It is also possible that you recognize a higher law which you will subscribe to, recognizing that society is also paying the price for infractions of that law. Even in this case, your need to confirm is paramount and your behavior pattern will reflect what you feel to be discrepancies.

Degree Influence for Vesta:
11° Scorpio
This native feels a strong tie with his/her home both during childhood and later, to a home of his/her own. There is also an emphasis on details brought about by a basically suspicious nature. But s/he may miss the forest for the trees. While s/he is paying attention to the details so that no one slips anything over on him/her, s/he fails to pay attention to open and obvious situations which represent a real threat to his/her overall well being. S/he feels a possessive affection for those close to him/her, sometimes displaying the characteristic jealousy of Scorpio.

Uranus is in Libra
Uranus' influence here is to demand freedom. Whether we realize it or not, freedom is unalterably attached to responsibility. It is a very necessary step to individual evolvement. The old rules no longer apply to relationships. The historical events of this transit were only a forerunner of the message this generation is programmed to spread. You of this time period will demand the right to do it your way. However, the wisest of you will learn from the past even though you will insist on your own brand of changes. You will undoubtedly make discoveries and incorporate many seemingly new truths which will have to be taken into consideration by the society in which you live. There is a strong element of platonic quality to all of your relationships. There is very little starry-eyed romance in which you lose your head to your heart. Each of you will have to pull your own weight. You are more interested in friendship than romance. "You only want a buddy, not a sweetheart."

Degree Influence for Uranus:
25° Libra
The native of this degree is quite flexible before showing any consistency and may even be lead into transitory and selfish interests. There is pride that is subject to flattery and the likelihood of many superficial relationships. However, there seems to be considerable encouragement that all his/her meandering can be productive of real learning and progress. There is even potential that the accumulation of broad knowledge will eventually grow into wisdom. This degree incorporates all of the qualities of Libra generally, both the indecision and the strong sense of justice but ultimately, with more hope than despair. The successful expression of this influence will depend on the support received from the rest of the chart.

Neptune is in Sagittarius
This position for this generation will be productive of very rigid patterns of religion. You will find that whatever you believe will act as a powerful painkiller and panacea for your problems. This may be very helpful to some and very destructive to others. In some cases, this will give you a faith which frees you to develop to your highest level. In other cases, it will be an escape from the harsh realities of the world in which you live. For still others, you may be very evangelical in trying to promote your beliefs. Much will depend on the cooperation you get from the ruler of the sign, Jupiter, which transited all 12 signs during Neptune's stay here, having made a conjunction as Neptune entered and just before it left the sign. You will have a strong desire to keep things moving. At least in the beginning, you are likely to challenge the society in which you live with religious concepts you feel represent truth. Those of you born under the early Jupiter/Neptune conjunction were 13 years old when the final conjunction occurred late in the sign. This conjunction can create a very nebulous desire to stay within the confines of the status quo without really understanding the nature of that status quo. Along with this, there is extravagance with imagination and unclear ideas and expectations difficult to work with. Most of you will have difficulty avoiding being lost in a fog, rebels without a cause. Pluto's transit may do something to set you on a more profitable path. If you have Neptune in the Ninth House, you will have all the tendencies previously mentioned as well as a tendency to live in a dream world of your own. Much of what you dream will materialize in unpredictable ways.

Degree Influence for Neptune:
06° Sagittarius
To be of service is the only worthwhile path for this native to take. What s/he does of and for himself/herself is lost and useless vanity. S/he must be working with and for a group. S/he has literary ability either for writing or reading or both. S/he enjoys a considerable measure of intelligence and ability to work with facts. S/he has a mental resourcefulness which may be applied to many areas. S/he enjoys working on the projects s/he undertakes and finds his/her greatest pleasure in contributing to a larger cooperative project. Because of his/her detached love of work s/he may be subject to exploitation by others which could soon ruin his/her value to society as a whole. S/he may fail to realize when s/he is being used unfairly.

North Node is in Sagittarius
This position brings the best out of the Sagittarius nature to over expand and scatter vast philosophical energy. These people often lack direction and yet they reap unidentifiable rewards by keeping all the doors open to all options. They can feel very insecure even though they always seem to have what they need. Transits over this position also seem to be productive of comfort and relaxation even in the face of significant tensions. You may be criticized for not paying more attention to detail. However, the value here comes in having a true "plumb line" philosophy to which you can relate the details as needed without having to cover and remember every isolated piece. You function best when you are able to grasp the larger meaning to which the detail pieces relate. You need to be able to relax and do what you do best without guilt or apology.

Degree Influence for North Node:
14° Sagittarius
This degree enhances mental ability. It helps to make good use of whatever intellectual capacity is available, whether or not there is innate genius. S/he makes such good use of his/her capacity that s/he usually rises to an honored position. Literary ability stands out as the most likely area of success. This degree also stimulates an interest in mystical and occult arts. Here again, s/he may shine if s/he is able to pull all the far-out concepts into a meaningful, middle-of-the-road understanding. Even when s/he takes unpopular views, his/her skill is shown by making those views meaningful to those who would not otherwise understand. If this native departs too far from the beaten path, literary or otherwise, s/he will run into difficulties. There is a thirst for knowledge, a vitality eager for action and a willingness to work hard on any project undertaken. With a minimum of help from the rest of the chart, this native will reach the highest position available.