Installing the Best Artificial Grass for Dogs

Do you have a pet? If yes, then you know an outdoor space is crucial for keeping your dog healthy and active. This also means you cannot have a beautiful and appealing lawn. The maintenance of real grass can get the best of you. Unfortunately, with a dog in your home, it becomes a daunting task as you don’t have the time to numerous times every day.

The best solution is to have artificial grass for dogs. There are many suppliers offering fake grass, but not all of them are reliable and trustworthy. NexGen Lawns is the name to trust when looking for a durable and premium quality grass.

Are you wondering why you should install fake grass? This post sheds light on the reasons why installing artificial grass is good for your dog.

artificial grass for dogs

Get Rid of Odor

What can be more unpleasant than having a lawn that smells bad? It will kill the appeal of your curb; your guests will not be impressed with your smelly lawn. For pet owners, it is extremely difficult to have a well-maintained lawn because the pee or organic waste or your dog leaves a terrible smell if not cleaned properly. Cleaning your lawn several times a day is not possible until you have extra help.

The best way to make sure your dog has a place to play and your lawn looks appealing is by installing artificial turf. We, at NexGen Lawns, have a quality fake grass that can easily be installed. You will not have to spend hours cleaning the lawn to eliminate the odor. All you have to do is clean the grass and the odor will be removed. So, this is the reason why our artificial grass for dogs is the best.

Excellent Drainage System

We have a manufactured our artificial grass for dogs for commercial and residential use. This is why it has an efficient drainage system. It will absorb all the liquid, so it doesn’t spread further on the turf. This means there will be no accumulation of ammonia, meaning it safe for your pets.

The pee of your dog contains harmful and toxic materials that can lead to building up of ammonia if left uncleaned for a long time. This can be dangerous for the health of your dog. It is the reason we came up with a proper drainage system to keep your pets safe.

Furthermore, the rainwater can even be absorbed in the turf and there will be no puddles. This means your pet will not be at any risk. The rainwater can make the grass slippery and it can increase the risk of injuries of your dog. By installing the artificial grass for dogs by NexGen Lawns, you can keep your four-legged friend safe.

In the end, artificial grass is an ideal solution for keeping your lawn in optimal condition and keeping your dog. If you have any query or need a quote, get in touch with our experts.