Are You Ashamed of Your Craft Booth

   Craft fairs and exhibitions are great opportunities for you to promote your woodworking business.  It is an important part of your marketing strategy and you must make the best of it in order to have presence in your market place. Simply put a presence means an increase in your sales. Many of the experienced wood workers in the area will attend the craft fair and that is why you will have to make a powerful impression that will draw the attention of the visitors to your craft booth instead of the others.

   You can improve your presence at a craft fair by following a few tips.  The craft booth is very important because it represents the visual element of your woodworking business. It has to tell the customers who you are, what you do and what are the products you sell.  The booth must be inviting and colorful, with the furniture or wood items visibly displayed.  Any accessory that can make the products more appealing and interesting are welcomed: teddy bears on the baby beds, small china teacups on the wood tables or sparkling jewelry for your wood jewelry boxes.

   The environment can become very attractive if you use the right lights on your main products and on your display panel with the name and the logo of your woodworking business. Cool lights on your wood products will create a spotlight effect and everybody will gather to see what is going on.  While interacting with the customers, talk about your wood products and the techniques that you use in making them; they will appreciate any information related to your products and the story of every product.  You can also hand them brochures, business cards and fliers with additional information about your business, and your contact information, in case they want to buy or pre-order other products.

   Always make yourself available for the customers, therefore avoid getting drawn into conversations with other artisans or having a passive attitude sitting on a chair.  Interact with the customers, be nice and even set up a small corner were people can have a cup of tea or coffee or a cookie: they will spend more time at your craft booth and analyse your wood products closely.  The success of your craft fair attendance might increase if you also organize a live demonstration of your woodworking technique or a contest with small wood items as prizes.  

   You can use these small tips in order to gain some advantages over your competitors attending the craft.  The unique wood products or furniture you make (your niche) can be easily perceived by the prospect customers only if you have a well designed craft booth.  This will convince them to come closer, check your products and learn more about your woodworking business and what makes you so different from the others exhibitors.   

Derryck Frost is a Woodcraft enthusiast who now dedicates his time and effort to helping other Woodcraft enthusiast turn their passion into a profitable business. His free membership site has a collection of must have materials for serious Woodcraft enthusiasts