The Arch of Aluminium Composite Panel In Past 20 Years

There is one thing we all can agree on the popularity of aluminum composite panel in the past 20 years. From using ACP only in a few metropolitan city constructions to heavy use in today's modern architecture in every city of India, ACP panel is well known composite construction material in architecture.


The aluminium composite panel consists of high-strength flat aluminium alloy coils which sandwich a low-density core. The panel was initially discovered as a material to use for signage. However, the maintenance-free, lightweight panel finds diverse uses in wall coverings, cladding, and interior facades.

The evolution in ACP sheets design and core material has played a crucial role in its popularity. Today, we will discuss in the blog.



Today, 3-D designs are popular in modern commercial architecture. 3D gives a structure to the cladding and enhances the outlook. It gives an edge and gives a luxurious look with smooth finishes. 3D ACP sheets aremostly popular among interior wall paneling and signage in traditional brick and motor shops.


Natural Stone Cladding

ACP panel is useful in bringing eco-conscious architecture. The natural stone ACP is a replica of natural stones like limestone, quartzite, marble, and sandstone. It is not as expensive as stone cladding and helps you to achieve a similar look in a building.


Fire-Retardant Panel

When the ACP sheet was initially discovered it created quite a havoc because of its inability to resist fire. To overcome this problem, ACP sheets manufacturers started to experiment with adhesive and composite material to make it resistant to fire. Today leading Aluminium panel sheet manufacturer in the world uses honeycomb panels, non-halogenated material, and Magnesium Hydroxide. The material and the design of the inner core delay flame penetration for up to 50 minutes.



According to reports, the Aluminium composite panel is expected to grow at a 6% CAGR up to 2026. In the last year, the ACP market is close to 2200 crore. The arch of the ACP panel shows its increase in popularity and evolution in design.