Court hears escort stopped at Belfast International Airport claimed she was a 'healer'


08 November, 2022 15:00


AN escort stopped with thousands of pounds in cash at Belfast International Airport claimed she was a "healer", a court has heard.


Antrim Magistrates Court, sitting in Ballymena, heard that security staff at the airport "had occasion" to speak to *Name Removed* on November 5 and she claimed she "was a healer and had been in Galway to buy healing crystals".


When her bags were searched, staff found two bundles of cash containing £2,500 and €2,500 and again, she claimed she was a healer.


However, when pressed on the issue, *Name Removed* "appeared agitated and nervous" and eventually confessed "she was an escort and sold services of a sexual nature to the public in the Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland".


"She was able to show texts that would corroborate that line of work", said the prosecuting lawyer adding that  *Name Removed*, from the Harrow Road in London, also admitted "she travelled to NI once a month as she has regular clients here".


Applying for a three month detention order for police to hold the cash, the lawyer submitted that time was needed for further enquiries.


District Judge Nigel Broderick said he sold grant the application "in light of the stand by the police and the admissions by the defendant".