Amazing - Fun – Useful – Interesting Websites!!

  1.   Nice graphic interface to get to your favorite websites.
  2.       See what's on sale on a daily basis.  Check here first to find good deals.
  3.   Kim Komando's picks of the best of YouTube videos.
  4.   Richard Wiseman's blog page.  Every day he has something of interest here. 
  5.      Easy way to made donations to the best charities     
  6.     A tag cloud is a visual representation for text data         
  7.   and   Will help you decide when and where to fill up.l
  8.  The email address will enable you to get confirmation then self-destruct in 10 minutes. 
  9.     Gives you the history and derivation of any word.      
  10.   For when you lose your alarm clock. (I mean phone.)   
  11. you spend all your Netflix time trying to figure out which movie to watch?
  12.    Once you pick a movie, find out where you can stream  it.       
  13.  Get movies and TV shows easily and quickly online, on your tablet or on your mobile device? 
  14.  helps users find, track and watch shows online
  15.   Find full length TV shows on youtube
  16.  Find full length free movies on youtube
  17.   Add a fun character to what to what you are writing
  18.  Find out which adhesive to use to attach one material to another.
  19.  A handy library of PDF user manuals for almost anything
  20.  Compare nutrition in 2 foods.     
  21.   Look up your computer’s IP #
  22.   Writing a poem?  This will help you rhyme
  23.      How to pronounce something!
  24.     Lots of handmade items for sale!
  25.    Hire someone to do a task for you for $5!
  26.    create, store, listen to, print, search and share notated music online.
  27.    Send a fax from your computer   
  28.   Find any of Your Files Search Across all of Your Accounts
  29. Http://   Where people can share lessons, learn new skills – free or low cost.
  30.     Your video concierge to help you find videos to watch. 
  31.  Discover geeky new hardware.
  32.   National Geographic website on the Serengeti lion.
  33.   Takes the hassle out of planning. 
  34.  Hundred Zeros catalogs many of the free Kindle e-books currently available through Amazon.
  35.    Translate text or a website easily.
  36.     Review previous google searches you have made.
  37.     Let me google that for you…


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