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Naturopathy Is The Way To Go For Allergy Treatment In Melbourne

When are you getting your gluten intolerance treatment?


For centuries, various medical practitioners have emphasized the importance of listening to the body. The solutions for problems that crop up with regards to health lie in the body itself. 


Often, health conditions catapult one from a fine lifestyle into unknown territory. If you have been a subject of this, do not panic. Naturopathy can always help. 


My Vital Health Solutions is a naturopathy clinic in Melbourne that can guide you on the path to wellness if your life has been thrown off a gear by a disease or a health condition. 


Let’s have a look at some of the most common conditions and how naturopathy helps. 




Allergy Treatment in Melbourne is now non-invasive! 


What is allergy treatment? 


Often when a foreign particle enters the body, the body’s defence mechanism recognizes this particle as an antigen. The antibodies or the soldiers of the body put up a fight against the antigen in an attempt to throw it out of the body. 


In an allergy, the body is mistaken and ends up recognizing common everyday substances as antigens. 

When does one need Allergy Treatment in Melbourne? 


If you are a victim of breaking out into rashes, colds, swellings on being exposed to a certain thing or consuming a certain something, it may be time to visit the naturopaths. 

The signs of an allergy are:


  • Sneezing 
  • Runny nose
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Wheezing
  • Vomiting 
  • Shortness of breath 

What does Allergy Treatment in Melbourne include? 


An allergy treatment at My vital Health Solutions involves the person’s blood sample being taken and then tested against various possible antigens/foods. If the blood begins to clump, this serves as an indication that the blood has developed the antibody IgG on reaction with the antigen. 


The food exclusion method is another way of allergy treatment in Melbourne. Various foods from the diet are excluded and then added back one by one, so as to determine the exact time when one develops an allergic reaction. 




An Amazing Weight Loss Retreat in Melbourne 


Whether for beauty or health purposes, numerous people have struggled with losing weight. 


Our suggestion: do it the natural way. 

What is the Weight Loss Retreat in Melbourne?


Coupling detox and weight loss, this retreat at My Vital Health Solutions is a tried and tested method to weight loss. 


As the body is on the path to weight loss, it is important to detox. This will help the toxins that are released in the process not hamper the circulation and body processes. 


You will experience some real calm and focus at the weight loss retreat in Melbourne.

Hormonal Imbalance Treatment and why it is vital


Don’t let your hormones play havoc with your life! 


When is the best time to go in for hormonal imbalance treatment


The answer is, as soon as you begin to notice even the slightest changes in your hormone levels. 




The signs that you need a Hormonal Imbalance Treatment are: 


  • Weight gain
  • Muscle weakness
  • Swelling in joints
  • Increased heart rate 


The hormonal imbalance treatment at My Vital Health Solutions will aim to put your issues into perspective and adjust your lifestyle habits in order to help you live better.

Gluten Intolerance Treatment and why it is beneficial


The body often has an adverse reaction to gluten present in dietary foods. If you are experiencing this, a gluten intolerance treatment is in lieu. 


As part of this treatment, the naturopaths will point out what is essentially the problem with the body processing gluten. They will then help you change your diet to one wherein the calorific values are being satisfied while having to avoid gluten. 


In gluten intolerance treatment, foods will be suggested to help the intestine recover from the harsh reaction it experienced. 


Whatever the problem, naturopathy can change the body’s perception toward it and help the body do better. 


There is no overnight cure or magic solution. Simply perseverance and modifications in lifestyle habits can work wonders. 

Reach out to the experts today should you be facing any sort of health complications.