Allegiant Airlines Frequent Flyer Program: How to Get the Most Out of It

Do you want to start earning frequent flyer miles with your Allegiant flights, but aren’t sure how to use your miles? This article will explain everything you need to know about the Allegiant Airlines frequent flyer program so that you can get the most out of every mile you earn. Here’s what you’ll learn in this article


Sign Up for an Account at Allegiant Official Site

To sign up for an account with Allegiant Airlines’ loyalty program, make sure you first have a reservation in your name, which is easily done on Allegiant official Site. After booking your flight, select login and then create an account. Signing up takes only a few seconds and requires that you enter some basic information like your name, email address and physical address. Once registered, remember to use your frequent flyer number as your username.


Earn Airline Miles – Allegiant Miles Program

Airline miles and rewards programs have been growing in popularity in recent years. Some frequent fliers use their miles for all sorts of perks, from free trips to upgrades. If you’re loyal to Allegiant and always fly on them, earning more points is a good way to get more value out of your business travel (or, hey, maybe even a nice trip). Here are some tips for how you can earn extra points through Allegiant Airlines flights booking.


Book Flights With Points – Allegiant Airlines Free Flights

The Allegiant Airline points system can seem a little confusing at first. Here are some tips on how to use it most effectively so you can earn a lot of Allegiant free flights and upgrade vouchers. First, make sure you register your card with Allegiant Air! They have a partnership with Chase that allows you to earn additional points by using your card when flying with them; do not pass up that opportunity! You'll receive one credit per dollar spent and it will count toward status level, which will give you bonuses such as priority boarding, access to discounted upgrades and waived baggage fees. Second, when purchasing a flight through Allegiant's website (which is also where credit cards are processed), use BOOK WITH POINTS at checkout rather than paying for it outright.


Use Award Charts Allegiant

One way to rack up those miles is by earning them on Allegiant Airlines, which currently offers three frequent flyer programs that all offer different rewards. Members can participate in both Allegiant’s own program, ALLEGIANT® Rewards, and a merger with Virgin America—and each has its own level of elite membership for heavy fliers. (The benefits also extend beyond free flights.) Members who opt for a co-branded credit card will also earn even more points toward elite status or bonus miles. Consider Allegiant’s no-frills approach and strong pricing as you decide whether it makes sense for your needs and budget. Weigh all options before you choose an airline rewards program so you get exactly what you want out of flying with one carrier versus another.


Check your Allegiant Air Flights Status Online


If you have a few minutes, check your Allegiant airlines flights status online. If you have more time on your hands, call in for some face-to-face support. Either way, Allegiant’s website is designed for customers who are trying to better understand what elite status means and how they can make sure they’re getting all their points for staying loyal to Allegiant Airlines. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in FAQ section or don’t like waiting on hold, call them up—they promise customer care that works as hard as our employees do.


Cancel Reservations with Points – Allegiant Airlines Cancellation Policy

The key is understanding what you’re getting for your points. All airline frequent flyer programs offer free flights in some form—from free first class upgrades to free companion tickets, but most limit what you can do with them when it comes time to actually redeem them. With Allegiant Airline’s Voucher program, you need 10,000 points per person round trip (one way). That makes them more valuable than many other rewards programs out there because they are directly redeemable for future flights. If a round-trip Allegiant flights ticket that uses points would cost $250/person or more on Allegiant Airline website (with fees), then it's cheaper to book with these vouchers instead of paying cash or a miles credit card bonus.


Keep Track of Your Reward Dollars With Allegiant

The Allegiant Airlines Frequent Flyer program is fairly straightforward. With every flight you take, you’ll earn reward dollars. There are no blackout dates, although that can be an issue in off-peak seasons. When your account balance reaches 6,000 reward dollars (or when you’ve flown six segments or 60,000 miles), you can start redeeming for free flights. If you accumulate 25,000 reward dollars ($500 worth of flights) in a calendar year (your anniversary date will reset your account), it will be worth double when used toward a future redemption. Also, if you refer someone who earns 5,000 or more reward dollars within their first 180 days and lets us know who referred them, they’ll give you 2K bonus points! To know more call at +1-888-720-1433 to contact allegiant air customer services to speak with travel expert for instant solution for your travel journey