Freedom group Misrata report

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: latest news from misrata,
: monday april 18, 2011, 2:30pm libya time
: fighting continued as yesterday
: qirzaz, experienced fighting, as g's forces, tanks, missiles, and illegal firearms being used
: and houses, civilians experienced attacks, so they all moved to safer areas away from G's forces, ffs
: then prevented G's forces to move forward
: tripoli st, there was clean up yesterday, and more fighting, cleanup there up to the hospital
: the central hospital and furniture warehouse, which lit on fire

: mercs enetered to gorcery market, not sure if they were hiding and have now come out,
: fighting more in bldg insurance company, and bldg Imhaishi
: more fighting at tripoli intersection with Hospital Abshaala
: and intersection al kuwairi
: ffs then attacked bldg abuminyar, abushaala market and bldg thubag, and bldg ben salah
: killed many mercs and soldiers


: then at East side, at polytech Medical, mercs r present in houses there, known as houses al bakbak
: G's forces, then cleared that area, near the polytech andhouses
: 3 of mercs range from 40-50 soldier
: zawiya, intense attacks, with GRADs, killed 2 civilians,
: although, 3 FFs in Zawiya, captured 1 soldier, in farm, he was from Muritania
: FFs today, realigned themselves, emphasizing more on Trpoli street