As a teenager you decided to be an actress. How did our family respond to your plans?

My family was always very supportive. I was raised in a household in which creativity was encouraged. Especially my mother always encouraged me - she was always my biggest cheerleader


What would you have done today if acting hadn’t worked out? Would you have gone ahead as a dancer?

That's what I ask myself all the time. At this point in my life I would certainly have worked somehow in the fitness world. I probably would own my own Pilates studio and my own fitness blog. It's so inspiring to see people who take control of their health into their own hands and live a happy life.


Recently you have become a mother for the second time. How hard is it to get your career and your family life under one roof?

It’s frankly quite difficult. It is always a balancing act. Sometimes I feel as if I fail completely. All I can do is to take the things as they come - day by day - and to enjoy the trip, because the time goes by way too quickly to constantly stressed. My boys are great – they are beautiful and they make me laugh every day. I have so much joy in my life and that I'm trying to concentrate on that and not on the giant to-do list that I have not done that day.


You met you husband at university and have been together since. What’s your secret?

We have been together for a long time. As in any other relationship, we have our ups and downs. I think our secret is that, as we change, we both fall in love with each other over and over again.


What is a normal day in your life look like?

The mornings are stressful. First I get my baby up, get him ready, and then get Mekhai up and ready before I prepare breakfast for them. While the boys eat, I make Mekhai’s lunch, grab his backpack and then take him to school. The rest of the day consists of – feeding the baby and, while he naps, working off my to-do list. However, I also find some time for myself. To do something athletic - otherwise I would go crazy. I need the endorphins flowing through my body to get my energy in order to preserve and maintain a clear head. In the evening at our house we have dinner and then put the children to bed. Once the boys are in bed my husband and I take some time to be with one another.


What is your beauty routine?

It’s pretty simple. I don’t really have one. But I absolutely need one; I'm not getting any younger! Every night I wash my face thoroughly and moisturize it. I also drink a lot of water.


What do you enjoy more – Making a movie or a TV series?

Both are great. If the role is great, it makes no difference to me.


What would be your dream role?

I’d love to play an action hero


What are your plans and projects for 2016?

We are on the 11th season of Criminal Minds, and hopefully we will also get a 12th season. Otherwise I’m going to focus on fitness and health, and how I can get it all in harmony with my family.