Howdy Folks,

  The Red Hot Mamas show was everything I'd hoped for, Marji, Meg & Denise put on 3 great sets & we had a wonderful jam session afterwards.  As luck would have it, Marji had nipped the end of one of her fingers pretty badly prepping veggies, but lucky for us Jeff Entin volunteered to play for her.  What a treat that was & Jeff was sorry it took him so long to join us in our wonderful music & art space.  We're gonna get him back again soon.

   I'll be maintaining a low profile most of this June, I did do a little collaborating with Big Joe Fitz to help him provide some music for their Annual St Johns Church Fair & BBQ.  Saturday June 11th, 11a-6pm, check it out here:


  Next month, Sat. July 9th, I'm very excited to announce another night of jazz, when we host Sax Life> https://www.facebook.com/saxlifejazz/ <.  We've come to know several of the Shauts over the years, through the school system.  Eli's involvement with the Hudson Valley Youth Jazz Orchestra now & throughout high school has been a pure joy to behold.  Their performance at the Rosendale Theatre was fabulous.  So, it's no surprise they want Eli's band, Dialogue to be their warm up act.

> https://www.facebook.com/dialoguetrio/?fref=ts&ref=br_tf <

  The 3rd weekend in July has traditionally been the Rosendale Street Festival for many years now.  It's gonna be greatly missed this year by many musicians & music fans alike.  Of course, that won't stop Uncle Willy from celebrating his birthday with a bang, the whole reason for the Street Festival in the first place.  Wavy Davy is hard at work, so watch for a big uptown Rosendale St Fest music fundraiser event gearing up for Sat. July 16th.

  The Center for Symbolic Studies has also traditionally done their Mid-Summer Arts Fest on the last weekend in July, but that has also been moved & will be the weekend of Aug. 6th & 7th, and will have 3 stages.  I've tried to get the Rosendale St Fest folks onboard as another fundraising venue & we should have an answer from the RSF board very soon.

  To my musician friends here, anyone interested in performing at either the Uptown RSF bene or Mid-Summer Arts Fest feel free to contact me.

  Peace&Love Prevails!~*jbo:)>


Sat. July 9th, 8-11pm:> A Night of Jazz with Sax Life & the Shaut Family Jewels.  Warm up act with our own family jewel Eli Marzano & Dialogue.


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Star Nation Sacred Circle


~* A positive, not for skeptics, discussion group for experiencers of the paranormal.  Open to all dreamers, contactees, abductees, ET Ambassadors & those interested in acknowledging the extraterrestrial presence on earth.  We meet every 1st Friday, at the Center for Symbolic Studies, 475 River Rd. Ext., Tillson, NY ( www.SymbolicStudies.org).  Bring a drink, snack to share & a comfortable lawn chair to sit under the stars afterwards for a UFO watch. 

   ~* "In the Night Sky" Linda Zimmermans' UFO book & documentary gave Star Nations some honorable mentions in both, check it out at:  www.NightSkyUfo.com

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Check out our YouTube account!  We've got over 70 performances posted now with some really memorable shows including Betty MacDonald with Joe Beck, Ed Sanders, Bobby Kennedy & his daughters, The Wallaces, Cecilia St. King, Pete Santora Beatle Bashes & many of the Hudson Valleys finest musicians:

~*   http://www.youtube.com/user/airstudiogallery


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