Medicated abortion or induced abortion, which is less harmful?


Women who have an unwanted pregnancy and do not want to have a child will resort to abortion. At present, there are two common abortion methods,深圳人工流產 one is medication abortion and the other is artificial abortion. Many netizens believe that no matter which method of abortion is chosen, it will cause some harm to the body, but the harm of medication abortion will be less. Is this true?

Which is less harmful, medication abortion or abortion?

Both medication and abortion can cause harm to a woman's body. The advantage of medication abortion is that it avoids surgery and anesthesia injections,不孕檢查 but the process of embryo expulsion will be accompanied by symptoms such as abdominal pain, vaginal blood loss, and there may even be residual embryonic tissue. Therefore, if there is much vaginal blood loss or incomplete expulsion of the embryo, emergency scraping is also required. However, the rate of embryonic tissue retention in abortion is lower, the patient feels no obvious pain during the procedure, and there is less vaginal blood loss after the procedure but less chance of uterine perforation, abortion syndrome, uterine adhesions and other risks.

Generally speaking, pregnant women to abort within 49 days, it is recommended to take medication abortion, if pregnant women in 70 days negative pressure suction feasible. 深圳人流However, the specific choice of which type of abortion to choose, need to be based on the specific circumstances of the patient to choose, the professional doctor's advice.

How long does it take to get menstruation after abortion?

Under normal circumstances, women will resume normal ovulation within 22 days after abortion, so menstruation will come in the following month after abortion. However, there are cases of prolonged menstruation after abortion, and the length of the cycle varies from patient to patient. However, if amenorrhea occurs, it is important to seek medical attention, because amenorrhea occurs after abortion, and the causes are mostly cervical or uterine adhesions, endometrial damage, or re-pregnancy.

In addition, women should avoid sex for one month after abortion, and when they can have sex socially, they should do a good job of contraceptive technology and clean management.


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