After a Breakup: 3 Reminders for You

When you have been dumped, it’s hard to have a level head about many things including how to deal with your ex and your friends. It’s common for people to make negative choices after a breakup. If you want to get back together with your ex once again, you need to keep from making these 3 common mistakes you should not do that can send them running in the other direction.


(1) Keep Your Distance

Remember that smothering him probably sent him or her over the edge. What you need to do is leave him or her be for a time. It may seem odd in saying that but you want him or her to miss you and try to live their life without you. They may find that what they thought would be a better life is nothing without you in it. It’s the whole reverse psychology thinking.


(2) Don’t Use Drugs, Don’t Use Alcohol

The last thing you should do is turn to negative uppers and downers. This means alcohol and drugs. If your goal is get back together with your ex, using drugs and alcohol will not help you to achieve this goal. In fact, you may find yourself doing things you never thought you would. This means calling him or her out of sheer desperation and drunkenness. Doing just this shows them that they are better off without you. (It could also lead them to change their number.)


Your best choice when dealing with a breakup is to find a positive outlet that helps you out mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. One way you can do this is to start an exercise program. Your ultimate goal is not to harm yourself in any way. Sadness can make a person do just about anything.


(3) Stop all Communication

Don’t repeatedly call them. This shows that you are in completely desperation and will send them running to hide from you including changing their phone numbers and e-mail address. Don’t become this desperate, clingy fool. Instead, give him or her space. Let them come around to your non-neediness.


By remembering these 3 not to do things after a break up, you can have a chance to get back together with your ex. All it takes is some patience and time.


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