How to use acrylic paint set?

In this guide, you will know how effectively to use acrylic paints.

Step 1:
Before you begin , here are the colours from Arteza Acrylic Premium Artist Paint Set of 60 Colors that you simply will use for the skin and therefore the background:
Mars Brown A153, Burnt Sienna A107, yellow ocher A114, White 101, Magenta Light A147, Brilliant Red A142, Prussian Blue 116, Mars Black 112.
Lemon Yellow 102, Beep Yellow A140, yellow ocher A113, green A137, Burnt Umber A108, Scarlet Red 106.
Step 1
Step 2:
After making your pencil sketch, misunderstanding a medium tone for the skin–do not make it too dark– using yellow ocher , Mars Brown, Magenta Light, and White.

Use a touch water to thin out the paint. Create a base for the painting by covering all parts of the face, except the eyes and mouth. Do an equivalent to the bouquet of flowers on the top by painting each flower with thin coats of either Magenta, Scarlet Red, Brilliant Red, or White. Fill within the foliage with thin layers of green and Burnt Umber.


Step 3:
Use Mars Black, Prussian Blue, Burnt Sienna, Magenta Light, Sky Blue, and yellow ocher , go gradually into the shadow on the nose and therefore the forehead. Darken the world round the hair. Then return to the nose and work thereon with large strokes.

Tip: When painting the eyes, nose, and lips, use alittle thin round brush; when performing on the cheeks, use a much bigger brush, and for the neck, a flat big brush works best.
Step 4:
Start at the cheeks and work right down to the lips and chin. don't draw teeth as separate units–instead, cover the world where the teeth accompany white paint then darken the tongue. Also, notice that the lower lip is lighter than the upper one.

Step 5:
Once the face is dry, add bright spots of Sky Blue on the cheeks to stress the dark skin tone. Use Magenta and Scarlet Red with Mars Brown within the lighter areas. employing a big brush, proceed gradually to the neck.

Tip: Don’t forget to use Magenta Pink. It creates a vibrant skin tone and adds highlights to the scarf wreath and chin.
Step 6:
Add white highlights to the eyes and watch your subject come alive! to feature eyelashes and eyebrows, thin Mars Black with water and use a skinny brush with quick, sharp movements to draw them in.

Step 7:
While the face dries, paint the background with Neapolitan Yellow and Deep Yellow, blending them with Scarlet Red and employing a generous amount of paint applied with an outsized brush.

Step 8:
Use an outsized , flat brush and spatula to make the flowers and foliage. to form the flowers and foliage appear lush, thickly layer on the paint so it stands faraway from the canvas during a technique referred to as impasto. you'll also use a spatula to feature paint within the background and on the neck and shoulders.

All finished. Now, stand back and admire your work!


Now that you’ve started, we encourage you to start experimenting with this versatile medium. you would possibly try mixing colors to realize as many hues in various shades as you'll . Try using different sorts of brushes–flat, round, bright, fan, etc.–in differing sizes, to ascertain what percentage unique strokes you'll make.

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