The unfortunate reality in Syria is that there has been very little done to collaborate on common goals after placing a strategy which allows for a more inclusive participation. Most efforts to work in partnership with other factions were extremely superficial.

In my opinion, the main problem is the failure to recognise that working in Islamic activism of any sort (militant or peaceful) requires cooperation with as many people as possible. The most deserving of people to work with are those who share goals, belief and ehtics.

Most groups here have lacked solid communication for some time now. Hours of meetings that stretched over several days mostly focused on the military planning or implementing certain aspects of a proposed program. Discussions on how to deal with differences rarely took place. When they did, they did not go into enough depth and they had no real impact on the ground.

Both Ahrar Al-Sham and HTS justified their positions regarding the recent infighting in the North.HTS fought Ahrar under the unity pretext. Ahrar foughts HTS under the pretext that they have brought down the revolution and had to be removed. Ironically, both claim it was purely self-defense.

The reality is that HTS has wanted to end Ahrar's project for some time. Ahrar Al-Sham had also unequivocally rejected HTS's project from day one, leaving no room for discussion. The fighting was imminent.

In short, this (ongoing) battle is existential. HTS represent a large percentage of the fighters in Syria and will accept nothing less than a full merger that will put an end to the military, political and administrative fragmentation in Nth Syria.

While some may see the logic behind such a battle, as Muslims, we must always stand on and maintain a high moral ground. We cannot let our actions be dictated by military strategy or political interests. What is wrong (haram) must be avoided at all times, no exceptions. I cannot find a justification in the Qur'an or Sunnah for such infighting. May Allah protect the weak, the innocent and guide us all to the truth, that which will bring about good for the people of Syria. Ameen.