7-inch LCD screen purchasing guide, these points cannot be ignored!


The 7-inch LCD display is a liquid crystal display product widely used in smart homes, industrial control industries, medical industries and other application fields.boe screen manufacturer However, choose a good quality one on the market. Affordable 7-inch LCD screen is a difficult task for users. So, how to choose the right 7-inch LCD screen?

1. Clarify needs

Before purchasing a 7-inch LCD screen, you must first clarify your needs. Different application scenarios have different requirements for LCD screens, so you should choose the appropriate LCD screen according to your actual situation. For example, if it is mainly used for watching videos or playing games,lcd supplier then you need to choose an LCD screen with high resolution and high refresh rate; if it is mainly used for reading e-books or browsing the web, then you need to choose an LCD screen with low resolution and low brightness. protect eyes.


When purchasing an LCD screen, don't just look at the surface, but also look at the interfaces on the back. These interfaces directly affect your "investment environment protection",oled supplier so one is very important. The HDMI interface is currently the only digital interface that can transmit audio and video signals at the same time. By applying and studying this interface to connect to the device, you can get the best development results yourself.


Quality is an aspect that makes selection challenging for many markets. When choosing a 7-inch LCD screen, you can judge the quality of the 7-inch LCD screen from the following aspects:

When choosing, pay attention to the brightness of the screen, because brightness is related to many applications in this industry. A 7-inch LCD screen that is too dark may affect visibility, while a 7-inch LCD screen that is too bright may cause "white spots" or "glare" to appear on the screen, ruining the visual experience.

Picture cable count (PPI), which is directly related to the quality of the 7-inch LCD screen. When choosing, it is recommended to choose a 7-inch LCD screen with more cables as this will improve the display. At the same time, the greater the number of wires, the sharper the 7-inch LCD screen will be when the split ratio is even.

Color reproduction and contrast are important standards for the quality of a 7-inch LCD screen. An ideal 7-inch LCD screen should have high contrast and accurate color reproduction. When choosing a 7-inch LCD screen, you need to pay attention to brightness and color balance, and whether the contrast is suitable for your desired usage scenario.

4. Brand and after-sales service

When purchasing a 7-inch LCD screen, it is recommended to choose a model from a well-known brand and with good after-sales service. The product design quality of well-known brands is guaranteed, and good after-sales service personnel can ensure that any problems we encounter during use can be solved in time. At the same time, pay attention to information such as the product’s warranty period and maintenance scope.


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