Set 1 started with 'Elijah' and ended with 'Faker' T1 dramatic upset win

The first set between T1 and Mad Lions on Day 2 of the 2023 MSI Bracket Stage at the Copper Box Arena in London on Tuesday was won by T1. T1 completely lost the initiative to their opponents in the early game and were on the verge of a disastrous defeat. However, after the mid-game, 토토 the super plays of each player came to life, and they pulled off a dramatic comeback.


From the start of the game, T1 looked helpless. The Mad Lions took control of the game with Pike on the bottom lane, and in a 2v2 engagement between mid and jungle, T1 were completely outplayed. It was at this point that the much-improved jungler 'Eljoya' began to destroy the game by running all over the canyon. For T1, the loss of Apelios, who was a big part of their damage output, to three deaths was devastating.


The fate of T1 in Game 1 was on the line in the Dragon's Nest at 16 minutes. Despite the gold disadvantage, T1 showed tremendous fighting ability. The game changed hands several times as both teams' ranged dealers came into play, and after more than two minutes of fighting, it was T1 who had the last laugh. T1 took the bounty when they cut down their well-built opponent Lee Sin, 안전놀이터 while Apellios made up for the lack of firepower with three kills.


The second kill in Baron's Nest, T1's firepower was noticeably up. T1 took the Baron, thanks to 'Owner', and the Mad Lions and YongHoGourd traded kills, but T1 had the better of the situation, taking out the mid secondary tower and giving themselves more room to maneuver.


Mad Lions also had their chance. The Mad Lions picked off Xanthe, who was alone while their opponents dominated the Baron area. With the advantage in numbers, the Mad Lions fought aggressively, and T1 was in trouble, but T1 managed to pull out a 4:5 one-sided victory with individual super plays. T1 proved once again why they are a powerhouse.


T1 fought back from a disadvantage. In the 30-minute dragon battle, the team's ultimate on 'Faker' Nautilus landed on Jaya, who died with both a blink and an ultimate. 스포츠토토 T1 immediately closed out the game by destroying the opposing nexus.