A Sexy Valentines Day Gift Idea

Men... are you clueless about buying a Valentine s Day gift for your girlfriend or wife? I bet chocolates and gift baskets have left you with a been there, done that feeling. Read this article if you are looking for something unique, sexy and romantic for Valentine s Day.


cbaa45574df53f52287b526f5e50d9c1.jpgHmmm, let's see ... there's the usual humdrum chocolate candy in a heart-shaped box, flowers that end up wilting, lingerie ... who knows? If you're looking for a sexy Valentines day gift that's sure to surprise and impress your special someone, then it's time to think beyond the traditional, whether it's your first Valentines Day together or the 25th time you'll be sharing the holiday with someone you love.

Ready to think outside the conventional heart-shaped box? Then read on ... and, by the way, this is an original and affordable idea that you can use without having to mortgage the house! After all, a present that has no creativity or that puts you in a bind financially doesn't qualify as a sexy Valentines day gift... just ask anyone, especially a woman about their most special memories associated with the holiday. Nine times out of ten, you won't hear them mention candy, flowers, lingerie, or even diamonds. What you will hear are heartfelt reminiscences of gifts that created a sense of intimacy and time shared together.

We've all heard or read about creating a warm, romantic setting, complete with flickering candles and rose petals leading to a luxuriously waiting bubble bath ... so what's new about that? Well nothing, actually; however, here's where the spin comes in with a sexy Valentines day gift that lets you put an entirely new twist on things!

Now, you know how sexy it is to feel your lover's body next to yours, especially when their pubic area is smooth and silky from having been freshly shaved. But have you actually enjoyed the shaving experience with them? If you haven't, then you're genuinely missing out here. Remember, half the fun lies in getting ready!

Here's a sexy Valentines day gift that will really heat things up a notch or more ... for both you and your lady. Now, this doesn't mean grabbing a can of shaving cream and a disposable razor, standing there wearing nothing but a smile. Even the perfect experience requires a little prep on your part, but just a little for a memorable occasion with a gift that can keep right on giving long after the holiday has passed.

So, put down that shaving cream and throw on something over that smile ... you're a man on a mission here, but a simple one. You're searching for a bikini shaving kit for her. What the heck is that?

Get out of your male mindset here and think like a woman. While shaving cream and disposable razors work for you, they won't work for her, especially when it comes to creating a mood. You know how women love their lotions and potions, don't you? Well that's what they'll get. A nice quality set will include women's shaving products that feature items for shaving, soothing and smoothing. And you already know how well soothing and smoothing works with your woman.

If you want to create an absolutely memorable experience with a sexy Valentines day gift for her, then it's time to get busy. You can usually buy a quality bikini shaving kit for her at a reputable spa, or better yet, you can shop online. An upside to shopping online? Covering your smile is optional.

Buy some champagne, candles and chocolate and you have a fun, romantic and sexy evening planned that will be a memory that both of you will always remember!

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Bonnie Jo Davis is a writer on assignment.  She recommends the affordable, sexy Bikini Shaving Solution as the perfect romantic, sexy gift available at http://www.haircaredownthere.com