A new step towards transparency – Facebook launches new ad purchase options.

After a few months of controversy, Facebook has decided to take a revolutionary new step, so that no one ever doubts its platform ever again. The reason why this social giant has announced new updates is simple – The classic old aim to increase transparency for the advertisers, and build stronger trust. (Just like writing services, who need to seem like they are capable of providing good Dissertation writing service.)

In addition, the goal of the platform by Mark Zuckerberg is to increase the variety of options when buying video ads not only on Facebook, but also on Instagram and Audience Network.Over the next few months the social network will provide advertisers with more detailed information on impressions. A decision with which, it is intended that they can produce better statistics. The social giant reports that they are trusting the veracity of all the information they provide through an audit by the Media Rating Council (MRC.)

In 2017, Facebook will offer advertisers three new options to buy ads on the social network cited as Instagram and Audience Network:

Purchase of full viewing

In this mode, advertisers will only pay for video ads that have been viewed in their entirety for any duration up to 10 seconds.

- New option to buy two seconds

A proposal that meets the standards for video advertising established by the MRC. According to it, at least 50% of the pixels of the video are in view for two seconds or more.

- Buying sound

Here, advertisers face one of the most interesting options. Through this, the advertisers can choose whether they want to pay for videos with sound or not. "We are confident that these new options, when combined with creative best practices for the mobile platform, will help deliver well-crafted video ads that will reach more people and invite action,” says Facebook officials on their official blog.