A look into the best uber iphone app clone in the world

Many entrepreneurs like the idea of having their own on demand taxi business similar to the popular ones, which use Uber technology.

These days everyone has a requirement for Uber wherever they are globally placed. Such is the demand created by this unique app. However the question of supply and demand always arises as with any business. The demand is there but the supply is expensive. Although Uber is available almost everywhere, people feel more secure using services that are local. So what is the next best alternative? A cheaper, more cost effective and equally efficient solution – the Uber iPhone App Clone which you can launch locally to provide that secure and comfortable experience for the users. . If you actually Google “Uber clones” you will get a list of Uber like clones that have made a mark in the countries where they have been launched

Listed below are some of the taxi apps that have been launched in various cities across the world and are said to be reliable and have received good reviews.

PARIS – The city of love has an on demand taxi app called Zaleou. It is a fairly new app but has already become popular with the Android and IOS users who have nothing but praise for the service. The France Taxi Open API is used by the app to locate and book cabs in the local vicinity.

LONDON – Addison Lee has been in operation as a car service for over 40 years in this metropolitan city. They take pride in calling themselves London’s premier car and courier service. However it has become even classier after it launched its own on demand app in 2010. This app has one point over Uber in that there is no price surging, even during the daily rush hours or peak shopping periods.

CHINA – Didi Chuxing is as good as Uber, as well as its main competitor. Didi offers four types of on demand services – taxi services, hitch hiking, express and private car services. Operational in more than 400 cities, Didi has over 1.35million drivers connected to its network – a sure sign of how lucrative this app really is.

DUBAI – Careem is the taxi app here offering three levels of services – economy, business and “max”. Bookings can be done on demand or for a later time. Careem not only runs its services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but also in other Middle Eastern cities like Kuwait City, Riyadh, Doha, Cairo and Beirut.

BERLIN – Berlin is known as the place that gives the best taxi experience in the world. However Taxi Berlin gives that ultimate experience with its fast and reliable service. Almost 6500 taxis operate in Berlin and the surrounding areas.

RIO – If you attended the Olympics last year then you must have had a chance to ride in an Easy Taxi cab. Although it is popular in various cities in Brazil, and across the world, it is more popular in Rio. Easy Taxi also prides itself to be the “The World’s most downloaded Taxi App”. It works by allowing users to select a ride on demand or book a ride directly with one of the pre-selected drivers.


Other similar apps include:

  • Lyft – which is popular in big cities, especially in South east Asia

  • Gett – popular in London and Russia, and is slowly becoming popular in New York City too

  • Cabify – An on demand cab service that is popular in South American countries like Columbia, Chile, Brazil and Peru.


Many entrepreneurs like the idea of having their own on demand taxi business similar to the popular ones, which use Uber technology. If you are one of them looking to buy taxi sharing script then check each of the above out thoroughly and get the best features installed in your app. By choosing the best features from each app and installing them in your app, you will create an app that is the best in all ways. You will be able to launch this versatile app anywhere in the world, in any language of your choice to create a riding experience like no other.

Now that you have an idea of what makes the above apps successful in their own way, buy taxi sharing script and create your own successful app. An app that becomes popular and makes its name in the world market just like these have done.