A Collector’s Pride Lighter Accessories

425dc0cc2e66153a384f72ab39123ebf.jpgNow, who does not have a hobby that’s hard to resist? For most people, collecting particular items can be a favorite pastime as well as a cherished hobby. Coin collection, CD collection, stamp collection, postcard collection are commonly heard of. When it comes to men though, collecting lighter and lighter accessories is pretty popular. And no, we’re not endorsing smoking while saying that. Lighters are not just used for smoking. From lighting a candle to various household uses, a lighter always comes in handy. However, that’s not always the key reason people look for lighting accessories. Sometimes, it is for the sole purpose for collecting lighters with different designs, different brands depicting different time periods.

Multiple times, it is the uniqueness of a lighter in terms of shape and design that attracts more customers than the actual purpose it is meant for. And the same is true for lighter accessories too.

For retailers dealing in this market, various wholesale lighter accessory suppliers are available to choose from when it comes to getting the best for their shop displays.

So what are the key lighter accessories that collectors look for?

Key Lighter Accessories

The most sought after wholesale lighter accessories include lighter carry pouches, replacement wicks and flints. More often than not, carry pouches are made out of leather and similar products. A good quality handmade leather pouch for a lighter is one of the best gifts you can give to someone who loves collecting lighters. And needless to say, it is f great value to those who use their lighter on a daily basis.

When you’re dealing with a reputed leading supplier, you can be assured of getting premium material quality along with a complete range of designs and color choices.

Replaceable lighter wicks and flints add life to your lighter. These are usually available as a fixed number of units packaged together. As a retailer, offering replacement wicks and flints along with the lighter is a great way to market your product while attracting more customers.

Retailers looking for wholesale lighter accessory purchases and orders often get attractive discounts on their products.

Some Other Lighter Accessories

Most leading suppliers also provide other wholesale lighter accessories like gas and oil for the lighter. Butane is the generally used fuel in lighters. It is a light highly flammable, colorless and easily liquefied gas used in most gas type lighters. Wick type of lighters and burners, on the other hand, use Naptha which us a volatile and flammable liquid hydrocarbon.

Amongst oil lighters, Steel oil lighters and Brass oil lighters are popular with consumers. While steel oil lighters are highly durable and made to withstand everyday usage, brass oil lighters are classy yet less durable versions of the same. Classy leather pouches cut to appropriate size are available with leading retail stores to give adequate protection to your chosen lighters.

Most country laws restrict shipping of flammable materials through general mail. For customers looking hard to get their choice of lighter accessories, the only choice is to get into a retail store that stocks such products.

Retail stores displaying lighters, cigarette cases, and other similar products hence attract more customers when they also give a choice of various lighter accessories like lighter leather pouches, lighter wicks, and flints, refill oil and gas, etc.

Ordering wholesale lighter accessories is hence a hugely profitable deal for retail store owners.