Welcome to my world! If you love music that rocks you and challenges your intellect simultaneously, you are visiting the right place. I pray that you will be positively enhanced and pleased as the pages unfold. I am . I am the sole performer on my original songs. I am an R&B; Neo-Soul artist with multiple voice ranges.


“To continue to channel my creative skills and energies into performing, and producing music and lyrics that will send positive messages . Long range plans ………with the help of God, to work behind the scenes writing and producing songs for use by other artists, movies, and so on.”

My debut concert, "Zaki In Concert and More", Homegrown Star Debut", was held at the legendary Crispus Attucks Theatre on December 8, 2007.

This ZAKI production included my hand picked live band composed of former classmates who are now professional musicians. They perform in various groups but are on standby when needed, .as does my back up singers. Professional opening acts were impressive. Concert night was a cultural evening I won't forget! Special thanks to EZ Key Management the promoter and the community and out of state patrons who supported me in a big way.

My most recent honor was realized at the

Discmakers "Independent Music World Series" Competition chose me as one of the Top 6 Southeast Finalist 2008. This contest was judged by Billboard Magazine editors and Taxi.( 2,000 entries) I received cash and prizes at Atlanta Vinyl at Center stage. September 11, 2008. A Compilation CD of top six winning entries is scheduled to be released by Discmakers to Radio and AR nationwide.

The Sponsors were : Billboard, Ibannez, sonicbids, Remo, Taxi, Samsom, Cakewalk, Sabian, DRUM, Dean Markley, REMIX, SHURE, TAMA, ZOOM, Electronic Musician, and creative loafing.

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ZAKI is a multi-talented "crooner" with that extra something...per Atlanta Paste Magazine

This R&B; Neo Soul artist won the title: Listen & Exchange Worldwide: Top Ten Producer 2004

"Independent Music World Series" Selected Zaki as one of the Top 6 Southeast Finalist 2008. This segment was judged by Billboard Magazine editors and Taxi.( 2,000 entries) Received awards at Atlanta Vinyl at Center stage.

“To continue to channel my creative skills and energies into performing, and producing music and lyrics that will send positive messages . Long range plans ………with the help of God, to work behind the scenes writing and producing songs for use by other artists, movies, and so on.”

ZAKI is an R&B; neo soul artist whose multiplicity of talent is contagious. writes He produces his homegrown sound which attracts the young and old.

ZAKI began attending jazz and other concerts with his parents at the age of four years old. Dressed in a business suit, shirt and tie, he sat on his father’s lap, with his back straight and eyes frozen on the performers. He never missed a beat. He was always the only child in attendance. Old school, blues, R&B;, soul, classic, inspirational, and hip hop was played in the home. ZAKI

ZAKI helped to form a singing group, “The Anointed Sons”, later renamed “Infinity”. wherein he was a bass singer. This group performed at the Opera House in Norfolk, Virginia, for the Tidewater Media professionals, School for the Blind, in Newport News, Image Awards in Norfolk, (three full standing ovations), won cash award Apollo Night at Christopher Newport University, and also entertained in the malls, and at the nursing homes.
ZAKI the youngest in the group, was still in high school when the older ones went their separate ways, instead of giving up. ZAKI became a one man band . With a used beat box ,that he purchased from a friend for $50, he produced his first instrumental, added lyrics and recorded using his multiple voice ranges to form the harmony he once had with the group.. He later sold his CDs to college students and made beats for neighborhood kids to help with college expenses. His Father later awarded him with professional keyboard .

Overheard singing down the hall at school, Zaki was drafted into his High school chorus. wherein he later won first place in citywide chorus singles competition. He was also voted as “Most Talented” of high school Graduation class and was unanimously; voted by the Staff to escort the Homecoming Queen

Qualifications and Relevant Experience:

Zaki has an impressive laid back personality. He is a young man who speaks through his lyrics. He is well known for his calm under pressure. He lights up any stage with energy and confidence. He is not only a natural on the keyboard, he is a vocalist, lyrical King, artist, producer, and songwriter.

In 2003, Zaki auditioned at Philadelphia International Records with Chuck Gamble, Vice President of Gamble-Huff music. The interview and VIP tour lasted two hours. Gamble said that Zaki is a potential Superstar and due to his multiple talents is like “fusion”. He also said Zaki you have the look and “you are good! I don’t say that to anybody during an interview.” While his Industry has broaden it’s scope to other media areas, Mr. Gamble recommended that Zaki go live in his hometown with his talent first, even though he believed he is ready for bigger challenges.

Zaki is the sole vocalist on three tracks on album by local group “Da Heavyweights’, Hip Hop In My Soul, over 900 hits first week on MySpace.com, due to inquires about vocalist. His Intellectual properties also include: R&B;, Blues, Hip Hop, Jazz, Inspirational……


I 2004. Zaki received the title and an award for “Top Ten Producer” in the Worldwide Listen and Exchange Music Producers Competition. His award was presented in Houston, Texas. During this same event, Zaki's original song, “Save Us”, was published on a compilation CD and distributed to 2,000 attendees from the music industry. Entertainment Attorney and agent, Dedra Davis of Houston, Texas, consequently, requested a non-exclusive contract with Zaki.
Zaki performed for one hour under contract for City of Portsmouth, Virginia’s at the Annual UMOJA Festivals of 2003 -2004. In the 2003 show, Zaki was on stage in line up with Stephanie Mills, Bobby Blue Bland, and Dennis Edwards and the Temptations. Zaki was recognized in the local papers for entertaining the Isabelle hurricane victims.

The City of Portsmouth, Virginia, also featured "Zaki in the first "Portsmouth Idol" segment of the annual UMOJA

Festival on Saturday, September 16, 2006. He was later Interviewed live by Fox 43 Nicole Livas, during 2005 “American Idol” finalist night. Zaki was called a local Idol which consequently aired live on local channels 3, 13, and 13 on 10pm and 11pm News. Comments regarding EK per anchorwoman was: “Zaki is what it’s all about!”

Zaki performed as a headliner for Dream Makers Amateur Night @ Blakely’s Night Club in Chesapeake, VA on October 5th 2005 Repeat opening act for Dream Makerz Amateur Night at Blakely”s Night Club of Chesapeake, VA hosted by Big B of the Boodah Brothers from 103 JAMZ.

After listening to a demo, the management of Kelly’s Backstage Café in Norfolk, VA, invited Zaki to perform at the popular night spot as the sole entertainer for five consecutive months, two to three Wednesdays per month, October -February 2006.

He was consequently recalled due to popular demand. Per manager, restaurant business increased significantly during his performances. Zaki was recently asked to return for future performances.

Zaki's performance at the annual African American Festival (AFRAM) held in Norfolk, VA, during Memorial Day weekend, was extraordinary. Spectators videotaped and took pictures as they stood in awe of his delivery. He performed three original songs, which created a rush by many on lookers to purchase the pending album.

Zaki also dazzled the crowd with four of his original songs at Junteenth Festival held on June 17-19th, 2006 in Portsmouth, Virginia.. 97.5 radio DJ and other staffer, commented that his performance was off the charts. The emphasis was places on delivery and lyrics.

Zaki also performed inspirational songs from his originals in support of the William Tucker Legacy. The Gospel Concert Tour was held at Langley AFB Speedway in Hampton, Virginia. This Project was centered around the first black child born in America (WT) here in Hampton roads specifically at Fort Monroe, Hampton Virginia in the year 1624 according to the descendents of William Tucker who resided in the area.

As a result of his performance, the organizers of the WTU Legacy Concert. requested that one of Zaki's song be licensed to them for use as the theme song of the on going project.

Zaki was also chosen to perform at the following events:

Southeastern Community Day Festival and Parade in Newport, News Va. This event attracted over 60,000 people in 2005. Zaki was featured on the main stage to kick off the festival on September 9, 2006,.Norfolk Scope Exhibition Hall for the City of Norfolk Annual Teen Cultural Fest on Saturday December 2, 2006. He was recommended by the City of Portsmouth.

Norfolk State University on May 19th 2007 at a VIP luncheon sponsored by New Africa Productions of Norfolk, VA. Zaki performed two songs from his album. The audience was well entertained. Performed at our weddings in 2007, by special request , in Maryland, Florida, Atlanta , and Virginia.

Zaki was informed, via email, by the International Songwriting Competition staff (ISC) of Nashville TN, www.songwritingcompetion.com, that his song "Made For Me". entered into the R&B;/Hip Hop category, advanced to the next round of judging for the 2006 ISC competition.

They wrote: "Congratulations on this achievement. With over 14,000 songs entered in ISC 2006, making it this far along in the competition is a great accomplishment and a testament to your songwriting talent."

January 20, 2007 auditioned for "Dare to Dream" a talent competition event scheduled for February 9th at Attucks Theatre. Positive comments from judges and other attendees. He was picked first in top three finalist. Impressive comments such as.

" He is as good as the best who already made it. He just needs a break. He received an endorsement letter praising his performance and a spot on the main stage the AFRAM which attracted over 100.000 on , May 26, 2007.

Zaki completed a promotional mini tour to Atlanta, GA, 2007. The end result was an appearance on a local television show, “DJ Fia In the Kitchen”, wherein he performed one of his original songs. This show has a record of over 4,000,000 viewers. He has received requests for future appearances.

Featured on December 8, 2007 at the legendary Attucks Theatre in Norfolk, Virginia. Built in 1919. This was a ‘ticket master” event This was the biggest challenge of Zaki’s career as he is not a media star but a homegrown star.

Zaki organized his own band and backup singers for this event, opening acts included four time Apollo winner Master Ventriloquist, William Salaam and knee pal Wilson.

The show was a hit and the seats were filled! Zaki ‘s debut rocked! So many people want to see him make it big.

ZAKI never stops creating music. He was recommended by the Director of the Attucks Theatre, in Norfolk, Virginia to a media guru from New York searching for a producer. He said ZAKI is awesome! They are in the early stages of planning a video project for one of his songs ”.

ZAKI was selected by TAXI and the editors of Billboard Magazine as one of top 6 finalist to perform at the Disc Makers" Independent Music World Series-Southeast Showcase. Details will be released to the media by IMWS.

This IMWS notification was an answer to his prayers. He definitely wants to share his talents on a larger scale.

Top 6 in the Southeast Region out of 2,000 entries in Discmakers, “Independent Music Worldwide Series 2008 judged by Taxi and Billboard Magazine Editors’ and other top judges from the music industry a total of twelve. He received cash and prizes. A Review in Atlanta “Paste” Magazine stated “ZAKI” is a talented crooner with an extra something that most R&B; singers lack and added that he has a career.

Church land High School
Old Dominion University, BS degree in Business Management Dec. 15, 2007

Relevant Commentary
Zaki helps out in the family business by day and his off hours are spent with music and family. His vision is clear and his goals are set. He takes the skills God has blessed him with very seriously. In between work, He continues to work strive for his dream.

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