Wisteria villa

EKO Stay VILLA is situated near the beautiful Wisteria Mountains. It is a great place to relax during your stay in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh in India. The villa has 5 bedrooms, 5 luxurious bathrooms, a sitting room, and a well-decorated kitchen with an oven.
The nearest airport to Eko STAY is Pantnagar Airport, 40 km from EKO STAY. The Wisteria villa is protected by a safety deposit box. A deposit box is a safe place for you to leave your personal possessions while staying at the Wisteria villa. All the rooms in the villa have their own private seating area.
The villa offers you wonderful fresh air and beautiful scenery. You have a choice of two types of accommodation; you can stay in the villa furnished with all the essential furniture. The villa with its luxurious interiors and safety deposit boxes makes it an ideal place to enjoy your vacation in India. You can find some excellent hotels nearby the Eko STAY; you just need to explore the internet for more choices of hotels in the Wisteria villa.
If you are traveling with family, there are many things that you can do in Wisteria villa with Eko STYGIA VILLA with various amenities that include a swimming pool, kids club, children playroom, game room, sundeck, sunbed, and an in-house fitness center. The nearest airport that you can get is the Santosh ground, located near Khoda-Azar in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The railway station is located near Neelambur in the state of Himachal Pradesh as well. From the airport, the nearest railway stations are Dharamshala and Gauhati Junction. There are numerous trains from Delhi to Chandigarh, Amritsar, and other places.
The nearest airport that you can reach with your car is the Manali airport, which is only around 39 kilometers away from Wisteria villa with Eko STYGIA VILLA. The nearest airport that you can get to by bus is the Pant Nagar International Airport, which is around 35 kilometers from Eko STYGIA VILLA. From the Pant Nagar airport, you can get to Amritsar by taking a train or a bus.
Wisteria villa features accommodation in the heart of Amritsar city at Bhiringeshwar where you can easily find all the required necessities for a wonderful stay. The garden views of this amazing place from the Wisteria villa with free wi-fi internet facility are truly breathtaking. Just a walk towards the greenery of the valley and the beautiful Dal Lake will give you heavenly serenity. From here, you can also head towards the Chandigarh Fort and Jain Temples, the only monuments in the state of Himachal Pradesh.
From the Wisteria villa, you can easily find hotels in the capital of the state. Hotels in Shimla include Hotel Kamala and Hotel Radisson. You can find everything that you need in these hotels like room service, Wifi, air conditioner, television set, etc. The nearest airports to these hotels are Shimla's Shekhawati and Dalhousie.
The Wisteria villa is fully furnished with a fully operational kitchen and the bathroom has a sink, a microwave, a lavatory, and a bathtub. There are two guest houses nearby, one of them is called the Eko Beach House which has a good view of the sea and the other is The Gopi Inn. From this inn, you can easily


reach Sharm el-sheik and its neighboring cities like Ekel, Nuweiba, Katamon, and Sheikh Zuwayden. There are many more places to visit in Eko Beach and surrounding areas so plan your trip according to what suits you best.