Wing Chun Equipment: The Wooden Dummy

Wing Chun gear generally spins around weapons and wooden sham preparing. Present day strategies and preparing instruments have been included (center cushions, overwhelming pack preparing and others) anyway few apparatuses approach the Wooden Dummy with regards to consolidating specialized and physical molding for the understudy.

In this article you'll find increasingly about how you can benefit as much as possible from your Wooden Dummy preparing and why it stays a significant bit of training dummy for wing chun.

Wooden Dummy Form Training

The wooden sham structure fluctuates from genealogy to ancestry however comprehensively incorporates a large portion of the wing chun methods found in its different structures (the Siu Nim Tau, Chum Kiu and Biu Tse.

Joining hand shapes, palms, cleaves, punches and kicks with footwork it is an extraordinary method to learn co-appointment as you play out a few developments an a similar time.

While molding is certifiably not an essential concern - hitting the wooden arms and striking the fake will unavoidably include customary molding and you will wind up nursing a few wounds.

The Best Equipment for Wing Chun Kicking

With low level kicks to the knee and leg, it tends to be hard to discover a cushion or kick shield that reproduces the situation of a human leg.

Since the essential targets will in general be joints it goes it's difficult to prepare them with any power on a ready accomplice.

The spurious body and leg fill in as ideal focuses to practice low level stamps, steps and breadths. Coupling frontal and side pushing kicks to the knee and leg of the sham is perhaps the most ideal approaches to prepare you kicking strategy.

Speedy Tip: Be mindful so as not to wound the impact point of your foot!

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