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Patrick B.: Hello , my name is Patrick B. with Microsoft Support. Please give me a few moments as I review the information you've submitted.

Patrick B.: The Marketplace on your Windows Phone is displayed in Finnish, and you live in Finland?

Thomas B.: yes, but I do NOT speak Finnish

Patrick B.: What is the make and model of the phone  you use?

Thomas B.: Lumia800

Thomas B.: I've tried searching for a setting on the phone specific to the store (everything else is in english, just the store is unusable)

Thomas B.: Same for the marketplace website. it will give me crap if I browse it in english about 'stuff not available in your region' and when I click that it goes all finnish on me again.

Patrick B.: Please visit the site below and verify the region of your Windows Live ID (email address)  that is on the phone.

Patrick B.:

Thomas B.: That actually still lists 'Germany' (as I used to live there).

Patrick B.: I'll check my resources to see if changing the language is possible.  It will be a few minutes. Thanks for your patience.

Patrick B.: , I apologize for the delay. I am still reviewing my database and researching for a solution. Thank you for your patience.

Thomas B.: As a person working in the software industry I have serious issues understanding how a company like microsoft could come unto the harebrained idea to set 'location'=='language'. There are even plenty of countries (Finland being also one) where there is more than one official language.

Patrick B.: I understand where you are coming from. After checking my resources, the only supported language of the marketplace in Finland is Finnish.  

Patrick B.: I would advise posting in the Windows Phone suggestion thread to have the marketplace language of English added.

Patrick B.:

Thomas B.: you are aware that this is beyond hilarious...

Patrick B.: As I mentioned, I do understand where you are coming from.  I wish I had a better solution for you for this issue.

Thomas B.: which essentially means I'm going to toss this thing in the corner and go back to my Nokia N9 as this is unusable and being able to find apps is key.

Patrick B.: Your service request number is XXXXXXXXXX. Did you have any other questions this evening?

Thomas B.: and getting my location changed is probably impossible too?

Patrick B.: Even if you created a Windows Live ID that was based in an English speaking country such as the US or UK, the marketplace wouldn't work in your country.

Thomas B.: ...

Thomas B.: well I appreciate that you tried to help

Patrick B.: To end your chat session please click the zune_chat_window_icon_close.png above the chat window. If you have any additional questions after you disconnect, feel free to contact us again. Thank you for contacting Microsoft Customer Support.

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What the guy could have pointed me to was

"IMPORTANT As soon as an account locale is associated to a Windows Live ID, it is permanent and cannot be changed."

Great, my liveID is now fubared because Microsoft doesn't understand the difference between Language and Location...

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