7 Reasons for Backache Among Millennials


Why is backache such a common thing among people under 35? Why do they visit an advanced physiotherapy clinic so frequently to get cured? Let us have a look at some of the reasons.

For people in their youth, back pain is becoming more and more common as many people are complaining about the condition in abundance. There are a lot of reasons for this some of which you can determine by mere observation. Things, like sitting in a position for a long time or having an incorrect posture, impede the health of a person a lot. They often look for lower back pain treatment without surgery as it is not a major issue only a recurring one in which case they’re correct, but it has a lasting impression on later on. It can lead to serious repercussions on declining health. Therefore, one needs to be wary of their health especially during the younger phases of life. But what are the reasons and how it can be cured? Is negligence of health the only reason? Let us read further to understand.

Incorrect postures

This is a common mistake we all get to observe mostly among others. Slouching in your seats, having awkward postures, sleeping positions not proper, not walking straight, etc. are some of the reasons why back pains occur. Millennials who are in colleges or offices sit in their offices for long hours with bent backs in order to avoid discomfort or the systems aren’t adjusted as per their eye levels and many other reasons like these levy the pain gradually.

Not taking breaks

Once we get engrossed in our chores, it is difficult at times to break away from it. This increases pressure in the spine as the body becomes stiffer, as a result, back pain is what we get. It is important to take mini halts from our workstations so that there’s flexibility in the spine and balance in the body. If we go to an advanced physiotherapy clinic, the expert will suggest us to do some stretching exercises as well as breathing ones.

Excessive Stress

The daily life has so many things to do that it becomes difficult to manage and many of us tend to succumb to the pressure. This creates anxiety and stress which furthers shows triggering symptoms for back pain. This is due to the fact that stress causes the tightening of the muscles which at times can become so extreme that we are likely to experience severe pain, immobility or stiffness in the body. Experts often cite this as a cause of chronic back pain.


Being heavy is not a result of overeating and definitely is not a sin. However, it is a chronic condition which adds a lot the bodily problems. Excessive adipose tissue makes the body obese which puts a lot of pressure on the spinal cord. The lumbar region is deeply affected due to this.


The effects of nicotine are known by everyone to be life-threatening affecting multiple organs of your body including the back. It restricts the blood flow and enhances the speed of deterioration. Worst, it hampers calcium absorption increasing the risk of getting weak or brittle bones.

Not exercising

The general image of exercising people have is hitting the gym which is not true. Exercising can be a fitness routine where one keeps his/her body fit. Be it yoga, cycling, running, jogging, dancing, playing sports, etc. without that, your muscles remain stiff and that increase the chances of lower back pain.

Lifting heavy objects

Unless the person’s a weightlifter, he/she can experience a tremendous pain in the back while lifting a heavy object incorrectly. The jerky movements create a sudden impact which can cause spasms. In extreme cases, you can suffer muscle pull or tear. Sudden twists can also cause uncalled back problems.

People look for the best treatment for lower back pain when they are in dire needs. This is because backache occurs no matter what and there are holistic solutions for it too. Physiotherapy is one of the most effective methods to treat back pain today. It’s a hands-on method that use various techniques to cure a person of the ailing conditions. Physiotherapy is non-invasive and can be considered a safer alternative to surgical operations.

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Created: 14/03/2019
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