What To Do With Broken Jewelry

When it comes to broken jewelry, you have two options. You have the option of taking the piece to a jeweler for repair or simply selling it for money.


You might pay a jeweler to repair a piece if it holds a lot of sentimental significance for you, such as a family heirloom, or if you're a collector who wants to keep a piece to see if its value rises over time.


Should I Fix my Broken Jewelry? | Jewelry Repair in Toronto


However, if you want to keep it, you need to take steps to keep your jewelry at its best such as putting the repair work to a skilled and trustworthy jeweler. If you want to know what more you can do to your broken jewelry, continue reading. 


The First Step


When you discover that your jewelry has been damaged, gather the parts you can find and place them in a secure container that won't open accidentally and spill pieces. You're ready for a new beginning now that you've safely gathered and stashed your belongings.


If one of your favorite silver heart necklaces has broken, take it back to the store where you bought it. They might be able to fix it or find a new one for you. Often, a professional jeweler can duplicate the original piece with incredible accuracy.


Repairing Broken Chains and Necklaces

A jewelsmith can repair a damaged chain or necklace at the point of breakage or shorten it to a new length by removing an unrepairable section. If it's severely damaged, turning it into a bracelet might be a good way to revive it and put it in the spotlight on your wrist, where you can still enjoy its beauty.

How to Fix a Broken Necklace Chain


You can use a charm from a broken bracelet and slide it onto a chain to revive a necklace that only needed a little something more. Chains with various charms have become fashionable, and you'll have a lot of fun figuring out where all the different parts came from.


Moreover, if you have rings that don't fit your finger anymore or that have never been taken out of the jewelry box can also be used as quirky, entertaining charms for a necklace. 


New Opportunities With Beads and Pearls


The most versatile of all is broken strings of pearls or other types of beads! They can be transformed simply by restringing them. You can use an elastic cord, or you can find a new thin chain to restring your beads or pearls. You can cut one long strand into two shorter ones or fashion a matching bracelet and necklace out of it.


Several necklace designs can also be made from broken strings of pearls and beads. A short section of the chain is framed by beads, highlighting the tiny strand that connects them without detracting from the beads themselves.


A gorgeous clasp can be added to a broken single-strand necklace. Wear a two- or three-strand bracelet around your wrist to remember the voyage and the resourcefulness with which you turned the broken thread into a beautiful memory.


Perhaps mixing gemstone, silver, or gold beads between serious pearls on a single thread might give them a new look. Against a more sober, neutral top, new colors could provide an exhilarating blast of vibrancy.


Restyling or Gluing With Gemstones

Restyling — Angela Patin


Broken gemstone jewelry offers a plethora of options for repurposing the jewels into new designs. Your heart stud earrings can be turned into rings, and rings can be turned into pendants by a professional jeweler.


If you don't want to create a new one for your gemstones, you can also use an adhesive to create or find new gemstones for your jewelry. However, make sure to find the right adhesive for jewelry, and whatever you do, avoid using superglue, which is usually not the best option, even though it may work for a short time.


Explore New Styles


You've gotten to know your jewelry by wearing it as intended. Take advantage of the opportunity to use your imagination and try something new when it breaks. What if a pin came loose from a brooch you admire but never wore?


Perhaps it was a gift, and you want to let someone know how much it means to you. Try sewing it onto a clutch handbag, where it will add just the right amount of glitz. Even better, have it fashioned into a gorgeous clasp by a jeweler. It will not only add charm to your purse, but it will also dress it up.


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