What can a Contact Lens Eye Exam Detect?

Special tests and measures are performed during contact lens eye exams that are not performed during standard eye exams for eyeglasses. So, if you're considering contacts — or if you already use them and need your contact lens prescription changed — make sure to mention it when scheduling your eye exam. It will guarantee that your eye doctor has enough time to complete everything necessary for a thorough contact lens fitting or prescription update during your visit.


During a contact lens examination, what to expect.


  • Your visual acuity will be checked with an eye chart during your contact lens exam, as well as a variety of other tests to establish your eye health and if prescription eyewear is necessary to address refractive faults.
  • Your eye doctor will collect extra information to fit you with contact lenses or review the fit of your current contact lenses.
  • You may be asked general questions about your lifestyle and contact lens preferences, such as if you'd want to try color contact lenses to change your eye color or if you're interested in choices like daily disposables or overnight wear.
  • Rigid gas-permeable (RGP or GP) contact lenses, which are generally sharper than soft lenses, may also be discussed with your eye doctor.
  • Your eye doctor may also inquire about how you intend to address visual difficulties associated with aging. Presbyopia, a disorder that affects your ability to read small text and focus on close objects, is expected after 40.
  • Your eye doctor may recommend multifocal or bifocal contact lenses to help you correct presbyopia. Monovision is another alternative, a contact lens fitting technique in which one eye is corrected for distant vision while the other eye is adjusted for near vision.



During a contact lens examination, measurements are obtained.


  • One contact lens size does not fit all, just as one shoe size does not.
  • You may feel pain or even injury to your eye if the curve of a contact lens is too flat or steep for your eye's shape.
  • During a contact lens eye exam, the following tests are conducted to ensure that you can see comfortably and safely with contacts.

Final Thoughts


Your eye doctor may schedule a follow-up consultation with you to ensure that your contact lenses fit correctly and that your eyes adapt appropriately. If you're suffering irritation or dryness in your eyes, make an appointment with your eye doctor right once.


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