The Top Benefits Of Using CISO as a Service

chief information security officer

You could employ a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to oversee your security-related activities on a daily basis. You can also can take the burden and responsibility off your shoulders by hiring an chief information security officer as a Service , or vCISO. Those are your two options for maintaining the security of your organization with a well-planned security program.


There are many reasons why having a vCISO could be a good decision to make. In this post, we will discuss some of these top benefits. There are several reasons you must trust an IT team that is able to provide security for information.


1. Utilizing a vCISO is flexible and expandable.


If you employ an in-house Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and a supportive security team, you're locking yourself in paying annual benefits and salaries as well as risking high cost of turnover. The additional costs make it difficult to scale quickly and limit your ability to expansion.


There's no reason to restrict your options in hiring by selecting an adaptable vCISO. You can scale up or decrease your security measures according to your needs without stressing about hiring or firing employees.


2. With a flexable vCISO, you can receive bursts of supply according to demand.


If you wish to have an entire team of full-time support staff for information security, you will need to be able to cover multiple full-time positions each day. Otherwise you are paying your staff to remain unproductive.

Certain companies do not require a consistent level of effort from their security personnel. They might require additional personnel during certain times to support the sale or potential. If a business doesn't have a complete security staff, they're dragging people off other projects to tidy up mess, distracting employees from their task to complete their task.


With a flexible vCISO allows you to have the headcount you need until you are done with the task. After that, when the demand ceases, return to your normal service needs without stress or repercussions.


3. With the support of vCISO You gain access to experts that you would not be able to afford.


Specialists are paid an increased salary because they are often able to provide niche knowledge or services which a generalist worker can't. You may be searching for a specialist in compliance or auditing.


It is possible that you are not in a position to employ a specific information security professional on your payroll full-time.


As a Service, the CISO will have a variety of specialists who are available to help when needed and prepared to take over responsibility when the need arises.


4. The vCISO teams have many years of experience.


Not only do CISO as a Service teams have specialists who you can utilize whenever you need them, but they also offer an entire array of knowledge. Being able to have a comprehensive security department available to you is incredibly different than simply hiring a cybersecurity officer and a couple of employees.


The ideal vCISO team will provide a vast skill and experience portfolio, a longer list of skills than the few team members you're able to employ.


5. vCISO offers many other useful services.


This article is only scratching the surface of all the advantages of using chief information security officer as a service. We also go over other benefits in our post "Here's the benefits you can anticipate from CISO as a service".


For instance, a well-prepared vCISO will start your partnership by introducing more efficient tracking techniques, better reporting, etc. Click on the link above to learn more.