America and its downfall

By Shaykh Abu Mariyah Al-Qahtani

Obama is reviving the US economy and is giving space to its allies the Rawafid, while the Gulf countries are still drowning in their sleep. America is bombing the Mujahideen in Yemen and the popular resistance. How come the Saudi government still believes that Obama is their ally, while he is bombing the popular resistance which is fighting the Houthis? The Houthis storm while the US airplanes pave the path for them. Do they not consider the support of America to the Houthis a blow against their Arabic coalition in Yemen, which America is trying to weaken?

Is the reality not more truthful than statements, now the alliance between the US and the Rawafid has become clear? America is trying to hand over Yemen to the Rawafid, so that the biggest influence stays with them, because they do not trust anyone except the Rawafid, and they experienced them in Iraq, but when will the Arabs wake up?  Thats why it is necessary for the Sunnis to wise up and realize that the Rawafid are the military wing of the US to exhaust the Sunnis. Because the US does not only loot the wealth of the peoples, but they are also keen on eradicating them, and America only cares about her interests and the security of Israel. Thats why they accepted the eradication of the Sunnis in Syria and Egypt for Jewish security. But still there are Muslims who pant (like dogs) behind them.   

But the US forgot that Allah is on the lookout and perhaps they will follow the Soviet Union, the collapse of America is around the corner, it is like a volcano in their home (which could erupt at any moment). America is suffering from economic collapse followed by a volcano of revolt by oppressed black Americans. All oppressive governments come to an end, thats why Arab governments must ally with their people. They must leave the American mirage and false promises, and the governments returning to their alliance with the sons of Sunnah is their salvation in this world and thereafter. It is a fact that America is on the verge of collapse, and I am very certain that the end of America will be due to their oppression and injustice, since it caused the Rawafid to empower the Sunnis in Iraq and Yemen and Shaam, and before that it killed the Muslims. The US forgot that the strike of Allah is severe, and He has power of them. It was and still is inciting its drugged people against the Sunnis, under the pretext of the war on terror, but what will happen if the black people revolt against it?

A black volcano will erupt, this will be the flood which will end the might of America, Obama must review his account which he did not pay attention to, and he must expect a revolution of anger between his ranks. We say to him, we do not threaten you with beatings and bombings, but we know for certain that Allah, Who ended Pharaoh and pulled him and his soldiers down, is also able to pull you down and shake your tyranny and oppression, and shove your plots down your throats. And I say to Obama, review the American reality, and read what intellectuals and analysts are writing about what is happing inside America, about the fact that America is waiting a major collapse, and by Allah we see it as close. So will America incite against its own people and accuse it of terrorism? And is America able to maintain its existence like it maintained anti-revolutions (like it happened in Egypt)?      

And I am convinced that the blood of the Muslim people of Shaam will burn America, and everyone who stands with Bashar. Here is the exposing revolution of Shaam which exposed and collapsed with its blessedness countries and groups. By Allah there will be blessing in Shaam for the Sunnis, it will encompass all continents, and the victory of our Lord will be a blessing upon the weak oppressed. Groups, parties, and organizations have nothing to say about this victory. And I say to the Muslims of Turkmenistan have patients, and my brothers in Burma have patient, by Allah everyone who has forsaken you will regret it while he is able to support you and the people of Shaam and Iraq, and Allah choses for it whom He wishes.     

Injustice has increased and people had enough, and Alllah the Almighty is Mighty and Wise, these government are waiting for what awaits America, and the days are coming and the revolutions are close. Oh Allah deal with the oppressors, oh Allah deal with America and its supporters, oh Allah hasten the demise of their tyranny, oh Allah deal with Sisi and his soldiers, and Bashar and his soldiers, and Al-Abadi and his mercenaries, and Al-Baghdadi and his Khawarij. Oh Allah help the Sunnis in Shaam, and rescue them from the tyrants and the extremists, and hasten Your victory. Oh Allah strengthen our feet and support us against our enemies, and accept our fight, and heal our wounded, and free our prisoners.

Translated by: DMIS

Original Arabic: http://justpaste.it/mej2