Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus Review

Trend It's outfitted with tools to safeguard it from antivirus applications and this includes security onto a Macintosh too. 

Trend Micro is full of attributes plus they comprise tools to safeguard you on social networking websites, in email contacts, whilst conversing and your whole network. As well as their client group is always available that will assist you customize and use the application efficiently. Normal security antivirus software and the brand new version was examined and accepted by many of the top test labs.

This is unsatisfactory and is just one reason that the applications was lagging in positions. In Top 10 Reviews, by way of instance, it has taken 13th position from 20 and has been defeated by other ordinary performing apps like G-Data.


There are pros and cons related to Trend Micro antivirus and we have included the Significant ones below :-


  • It's an anti-phishing tool which protects you from phishing sites and e-mails delivered by criminals seeking to steal your money and personal information.
  • Trend Micro includes a little code footprint, since it leverages the cloud.
  • It utilizes conventional signature-based safety and real time protection to shield from harmful and new threats.
  • It's a Fantastic customer group always available to assist You with your applications



  • Trend Micro is lacking a few essential features such as a bootable rescue CD, a gambling style and a laptop/net novel style.
  •  It's performed below a number of different apps from the fix evaluation on Windows 7.



In General, Trend Micro is a half decent app also contains many of the resources which you have to shield your PC. Its foray to cloud protection is impressive and contains some of the greatest features and is simple to use. For further queries call Trend Micro Support. For online security protection, we suggest that you download their entire online security program bundle which includes more security features like a firewall.