How is aepac working to advance #ethiopia

— earlier this summer, mercury signed the pro-government diaspora group the american ethiopia public affairs committee, which has paid the firm $100,000, according to lobbying disclosures. Garcia was initially listed as lobbying on the account, as well as former rep. Toby moffett and former sen. David vitter. The group, which insists on its website is not affiliated with any one ethiopian politician or political party, was formed in april, according to an announcement by arega on the embassy’s website. Serve as a viable and strong institution that promotes a strong strategic partnership between the united states and ethiopia. Aepac leadership is an advocacy group that promotes ethiopian-us mutual interest of peace, democracy, economic development and security.
We need your advertising support to produce strong journalism, especially during periods of economic instability, so please contact for advertising rates and long term packages. The ethiopian government for its part is represented byholland & knight, which signed a six-month,45,000-a-month contractwith the ethiopian ministry of peace in march. The ethiopian embassy in washington for its partdeclined to renewits own $35,000-a-month lobbying contract withvenablefollowing the end of its three-month term on april 30. Ethiopia’s us ambassador fitsum arega announced the formation of aepac in april and thanked it for undertaking various initiatives to address socio-economic challenges in the homeland.
The biden administration has pushed for a ceasefire among all parties involved in the atrocities in ethiopia, which includes allied militias in eritrea and which ahmed’s government insists was initiated by the tigray people's liberation front.Ethiopia crisis  Last month, biden signed an executive order authorizing potential sanctions on those involved unless fighting there stops. Lead the effort to advance and protect the strategic interests of ethiopia by identifying and acquiring the services of a reputable public relations and lobbying firm. It was the first general elections since 2015 and the first multi-party elections have stood since 2005.
We lobby congress and the executive branch of the united states as well as elected officials at state levels. “the mission concludes that, despite some operational, logistical, security, political and covid-19 challenges, overall, the pre-election and election day processes were conducted in an orderly, peaceful and credible manner. In the mission’s opinion, nothing distracted from the credible conduct of the elections ”. U.S. Secretary of state mike pompeo appeared to back abiy in a tweet, which urged immediate action to restore peace and de-escalate the situation, while backing the government account that the tplf was responsible for violence. Countries in the region fear that the crisis could escalate into all-out war under abiy, who won the 2019 nobel peace prize for ending a decades-old conflict with neighbouring eritrea but has failed to prevent outbreaks of ethnic unrest.
The conflict has rightly received intense international scrutiny and the result of the election will likely change its future course. I have lived in the united states for 45 years, but I was born and raised in the northern region of ethiopia, now under attack by the tplf. From my youth, I was involved in opposition politics and have always pushed for a fair democratic system in my country of birth. When the tplf took power as part of the ruling eprdf coalition in 1991, I thought positive change was on the way – I was wrong. The lobbying push comes as both congress and the biden administration have continued to press addis ababa to end the fighting in the northern region of tigray. This week the ethiopian government announced a unilateral cease-fire afterrejectingus calls for a truce when biden dispatched his ally sen.Chris coons(d-del.) to the region in march.