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Raleigh, NC, July 6, 2021  Author, Scott Linney, a  North Carolina native, has just published his third book in the “Amazing” series called The Amazing Skin They’re In Book.


The Amazing Skin They're In Book looks at the physical characteristics of animals and the terms associated with appearance. Children are given the means to describe what they see in nature and the ability to make comparisons. They also learn how skins are used in the products humans use daily. Illustrations by Nikki Studio will amuse and delight.


His two previous books in this series were The Amazing Foot Book and The Amazing Animals book. The first shows young children that they are not alone in having feet; animals have feet that are shaped differently so they can adapt to their environment; even robots have feet for movement and stability. Rhymes and illustrations by Gwenda Sonneveld will delight those in pre-school and kindergarten. The Amazing Animals Books takes children on a wild adventure on land, air and in the sea to find those who are "the most" at everything, whether it's because of strength, size, noise, speed, scent, or useful purpose. From dinosaurs to sailfish, this book help teach those in pre-school and kindergarten learn about biometrics in a simple manner that will not soon be forgotten. Illustrations by Nikki Studio will amuse and delight.


Scott Linney has also launched a new website as of July 6, 2021 under the URL www.amazingchildrensbooks.com and can be found online on Twitter as @AmazingNCAuthor, on Instagram as  /linneyamazingbooks, and  Facebook as https://www.facebook.com/scott.linney.737


Scott Linney is a life-long resident of North Carolina. He is an author who believes in the power of reading to influence the developing minds of children. Scott has a Master of Science degree in Education, and he is currently a full-time community college instructor. Scott loves adding an educational component to his rhymes. Scott is married and the proud father of a most wonderful son, who at the time of this publishing, is in his early teenage years.


Upcoming books in the “Amazing” Children's Book series will be titled "The Amazing Circus of Eyes" and "The Amazing Animal Senses." You may sign up on amazingchildrensbooks.com with your email below to receive advance notice of publication and an exclusive Zoom chat with the author.


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