About @TwitterSupport consistency and standards
when dealing with abuses of ISIS terrorist accounts

Last update : 2018.02.27 19:00 GMT

Please read this page and be aware of what's going on currently at Twitter.

Herebelow is a pro ISIS account harassing regular users
and the reply of Twitter when his abuses are reported to its Support Department.

if reports are done through another channel, then @twitterSupport finds the account @re00mh1 is actually violating twitter rules

But the account stays up anyway and isn't suspended even days later

*** This account is being reported by around 100 persons for 1 week ***

Currently, 29 DAESH accounts are targeting around 130 persons who are dedicating a part of their free time to report terrorist contents to Twitter. They are bragging about the suspension or the restriction of their accounts.
and TWITTERSUPPORT is doing nothing about it.
Even worse, they answer positively to the requests of the pro ISIS accounts

Example of tweet where a daeshbag who sends false abuse reports in mass about anti ISIS people is bragging
because he gained a positive answer of TWITTERSUPPORT


Overview of the on-going fuckery that TWITTERSUPPORT is letting happening for 3 weeks now.

29 daeshbags harassing and targeting 130 regular twitter's users, and bragging about their suspensions
(We counted at least 18 regular users who have been suspended because of these #DAESH SPAM bots)

It looks like TWITTER just don't care about the SAFETY of their users

We hope that the Twitter's shareholders will be made fully aware of the type of dysfunctional business they support.


And the problem isn't only with people who are active on #OpISIS. Even openly antisemitic attacks from them
are tolerated by @TwitterSupport,  despite duly reported. file16.png



Openly admitting the use of a SPAM bot to attack other users' accounts isn't apparently a sufficient reason for suspension either.file18.png
Neither is tweeting evidences of a coordinated harassment campaign conducted from a Telegram room
specifically set for this purpose.


The current attitude of @TwitterSupport is unacceptable. And the liability of @Twitter executives is engaged in the way they will handle - or not - this issue.


and 12 hours after we expressed our opinion regarding the malfunction at @TwitterSupport

 ? This  ?



Expecting more bullshit ?

Here we are ...



@TwitterSupport confirmed they're okay with this account.
No matter he's openly antisemitic, harassing multiple users, using a bot to shut down their accounts.

That's the bad joke that TWITTER has turned into lately.

Please help spreading awareness before it's too late.

Today, @TwitterSupport has kept on turning a blind eye on all ISIS attacks

and suspended / locked more and more anti ISIS accounts.

We believe something deeply worrying is currently going on inside Twitter

and that the future of our account and those of other anti ISIS activists might be threatened.

In case something wrong happens, please spread this testimony as widely as possible to all media and influencers.

We are building a backup solution in case the situation on @Twitter keeps on worsening.
We won't stop to say NO to terrorism.

Thank you.


You can find us on : Telegram : https://t.me/ctrlsecofficial

email : contact@reportonlineterrorism.com